Over 110 pre-orders!

August 19, 2007

Wow, i wasn’t expecting that by any means. Don’t worry though, there are plenty left. There is a decent amount that is being printed.

Couple things on the news front. Wrapping up final details on about 10 decks for Plan B Skateboards. It’s a fun project. Once the boards hit the trade show floor, and i get my samples in, i will post them. A couple of my friends have seen them as they progress and seem like they dig them. Also, wrapped up 2 illustrations for Rip Curl. Troy White (a.k.a. Hydro-Grunt) assisted on two pieces that turned out fantastic.

This next week before Magic, over in Vegas, I will be sorting out some Motorcycle Helmets, and putting touches on some Car ads that are coming in from Europe. If all goes to plan, Legacy of Defeat should be in process of launching a mini-book / magazine based on Apparel designers. Once the site is finally sorted, details will be there for those interested or who would love to submit. There are also plans on launching a very small line of shirts as well as a special colab with Reggie over at Tech Vector on a high end button up. This is a very exciting time of the year, and as it progresses, I know I am very excited to see how next year pans out. so with all that said, I highly appreciate your comments and just being into my work enough to give me the motivation to keep pushing. So thank you!


19 Responses to “Over 110 pre-orders!”

  1. Lee said

    all sounds awesome bro. Be sure to keep us up to date.

  2. EzyLee said

    Make that 111 pre orders. Can’t wait to get them!

  3. jeff said

    can’t wait for both books – let me know about Legacy of Defeat, would love to submit work to it..

  4. PT said

    The people are giving back. I’d expect that number to triple within a month! Save me one!

    Peace. PT

  5. snickars said

    Great to hear that the book is doing well, might get a copy myself, i just have to get my paypal account going first…

  6. Gav said

    Dude… you’re doing some Plan B boards!!!??? AWESOME!!

  7. you are the man!! keep up all the hard work

  8. MQ said

    This year has been chock-full of awesomeness for Hydro. Congrats Josh! Keep up the great work and we’ll all keep handing over our money 😉

  9. congratulations. to heart warming seeing you grow.

  10. HYDRO GRUNT- you mean that in a nice way..
    Looking forward to whats next for Lagacy of Defeat..

  11. shanesart said

    Always glad to see fellow designers doing so well. Makes me want to go independent and see what the freelance world has to offer. Keep rockin’ the good work botha!

  12. Awesome! Good job guys. If I’d known you’d be at the Magic show I would have registered to attend. I’d love to meet you and Shane. (Assuming you are going as an exhibitor)
    Hoping to get my book order in soon too.

  13. Shane? Wha? I meant Troy…
    Shane’s comment above mine threw me off.

  14. tcbrooks06 said

    You inspire us all to be greater…can’t wait to get the books I ordered!

  15. JOSHUA, Im frankly surprised as well, 110 seems low! haha. Great work. Can’t wait for my books..

  16. karl said

    Iv just ordered both books! Am looking forward to seeing what they look like! Am keen to submit some stuff for that other apparel designer book too!

  17. Congratlations man. Seriously. I’ve been influenced by your work since I got to school 6 years ago. I;ll be picking up my copy.

    Is there any place I can see a tutorial for your style- especially your caligraphy style?

    Envy is a great motivator.


  18. Terrorizer said

    Please, allow Mexico deliveries!!!!

  19. See you in Vegas hopefully!

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