August 23, 2007


Books finally came in today. There was a small delay because the printer ran out of paper stock for it, but got it sorted pretty quickly. Already have most of the first orders packaged up and ready to go out. The postal service is going to loath me when i come in. I’ll have to bring a small army because each box is super heavy.


26 Responses to “Boooooooks….”

  1. tcbrooks06 said

    Can’t wait!!! They look awsome.

  2. Syn said

    OH MAN !!! I cant Wait

  3. shanesart said

    The GOODS! Bring’em on!

  4. Andres Yourself said

    I can only imagine when i see these bad mothers right in my hands! OW!!

  5. Rina said

    yea bitch. You know how I like it

  6. jesus said


  7. Clefone said

    I cant wait!!
    How many time from spain??Thanks!!

  8. davidmac said

    yeah… they look goood. Congrats

  9. Erock said

    I’m getting a tingle in my stomach! I can’t f’n wait any longer!!!

  10. Terrorizer said

    To Mexico please!!!!!!

  11. Dman said

    Are they going to be signed??????

  12. Cameron Braun said

    Signed would be awesome! Any word on shipping times? Can we expect to see these this week???? I can’t wait any more!

  13. Cameron Braun said

    AAAHHH it came today!!! It’s so awesome! Thanks Josh!!!

  14. mrchek said

    I want one of these books ) How i can get it?

  15. Whoa!
    Hope mine’s mailed on the first run away

  16. Kyle said

    Just got my copies! They are awesome—always a huge fan of your work. THANKS!

  17. Chris said

    just got it. looks great!

  18. Andres Yourself said

    woo! just got my set, now I got me some instant hydro!

  19. Jasper said

    Received my copies today and they look mighty fine!

  20. shanesart said

    Got mine last week! Thanks for the hook up.

  21. Perre said

    Hej how do you order these? Grts

  22. christian said

    argh, its been over a week now! 🙂 where are my books?! i cant wait anymore

  23. hamid said

    wow,how can i buy your books?i’m in indonesia…

  24. Allen Bartlett said

    I would love to order your books, please let me know!

  25. Don said

    Your book looks very nice. Would love to know how I can order a copy?

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