New Specs

August 23, 2007


The other night i was taking a short nap to catch up on some much needed sleep. those 4-5 hour nights of sleep get you after a while. so as i was waking up after a hour nap, i heard a little snap… noticed i broke my glasses. so i had to go out and find a new pair. Now, i have a big head (with a big brain…yeah…big brain) so it’s hard to find the right pair. But i did. Actually like them more than my other ones.

So yeah, here is a image of them.
i will also post some new illustration stuff here before the end of the week. Right now i’m wrapping up packing orders on the books. I’ll throw up some screen shots of that as well.


7 Responses to “New Specs”

  1. Nick said

    Sexy time!

  2. tcbrooks06 said


  3. snickars said

    Wow, is that the rumored Hydro-cardboard-standup that is gonna hit the shelves for x-mas? I also heard that there will also be a Hydro-Grunt version of the standup, is that true?!

  4. jeff said

    new hair too. both look great man. hope you and the family are doing well. i’ll save up some cash and get a couple books for the coffeetable. tell the girls owen and lukas say what’s up.

  5. Jason said

    Did you use Sun-in?

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