Fighting For Dreams | Gallery Show

September 4, 2007

Featuring: Jeff Soto, Regino Gonzales, OG Abel, Maxx242, Munk One, Hydro74, Jason Gallo, Aaron Mason, Acorn, & Gems One


it’s going to be a amazing show. I won’t be able to attend this one, only due to plans that are already made, however if you are over in San Fran, hit this up!
Here are my pieces. They are in rough stages:


I will be planning on printing a few different ones up on Canvas. If you are interested in a copy, let me know. The prints are going to be 18×24. Might even set up a couple silk screen prints, not sure yet!


9 Responses to “Fighting For Dreams | Gallery Show”

  1. snickars said

    awesome as always! great pieces!

  2. You dont know me man but I been checking you’r site steady for a long time now. And how I got here is weird. I just saw this for your show at 111 Minna and thought i would tell you how I found you and your work. I started bounce’in and bartend’in at 111 Minna st. years before the remodel and dope art gallery addition. Back then the artist line-up showing there was a short one. It was just DOZE Green. Showin unstreached canvases and getting fucked up in the basement on wine and stuff…then 111 Minna blew up. I blew out. After a couple years I ended up to PDX Oregon. I got hired on at this spot and my first night on the door my bar manager happened to be wearing some old shirt I had designed for my short lived retail stores in Berkeley and SF from a few years before. I told him it was mine and after we talked about what a trip it was. He said when i got home I should look up an ill designer Hydro74. Said I’d dig him. I did. I do. Now I see you are having a show where I started…weird I know. Random I even mention it on your blog. Just bugs me out the way things shake down sometimes! Good luck in the show and yo, PS – ask for Danny at the Bar Ashton Kutcher look alike mutha trucka! Tell him yer muh’man. You’ll ever pay for a drink!

  3. Holy Shit, There both awesome!! Great work

  4. Erock said

    I’m there! I live in SF….I’ll give you an update on how the show went…..maybe even some pictures!

  5. tracksix said

    That’s my hood. I’m planning on being there for sure.

  6. 1 Day only huh? That fucking sux

  7. TGG said

    the work is sick. you going to sell prints at the show or just from home, cause Im interested in one.

  8. Yo bro, you should just go nuts and do these full color and have them giclee. Screen print is nice but your subtleties will be lost. Cheers,

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