Fighting For Dreams | Pieces

September 5, 2007


Here are the pieces I’m sending over to the Gallery Show over in San Fran. My fingers are numb from stretching this. Granted, they are just canvas pieces, but they turned out fantastic. I do have two others that are fully stretched. I might put them up in my office, or I might put them up for grabs. Haven’t decided.

So, yeah, if you are in San Fran this Thursday, check out the show. These pieces will probably be the laugh of the group involved, since it is some major illustrators involved, so if you don’t see the pieces, check the bathroom:)


19 Responses to “Fighting For Dreams | Pieces”

  1. Stevie said

    Yo Josh, I think your pieces are dope and don’t worry because you can hold your own when it comes to Illustrations, some of the best work I’ve seen, So don’t even trip because you belong in that class and if you have not decided on were to put the other two pieces well I think they would look good in my office. Peace…

  2. HNTR™ said

    Looking really nice as always!

  3. shanesart said

    Hydro illies are always top notch! In my opinion your work has a classier more distinctive style than most. Even in that group you should hold you’re head high. Way to represent! – S

  4. shanesart said

    Just wondering, where do you get your canvas prints from and how much do they run?

  5. mrchek said

    You are crazy vectorman )))

  6. Mike said

    They turned out great:) Awesome illustrations Josh:)

  7. “Laugh of the group…” Yeah, right.
    Your stuff is just so cool to look at! I’m sure, even in that lineup, you’ll get some major respect!

    Oh, by the way, I was wondering about the canvas prints too. Do you always stretch them yourself? How do you do that?

  8. Greg said

    Any canvas prints for sale?

  9. Syn said

    Ill Be there this thursday. I live in SF
    So I WONT MISS it Ill take some flicks of the venue and send them your way !


  11. zealous1 said

    Simply freakin amazing! laugh of the group my ass

  12. Phillip R. said

    Stop takin’ pics with that crappy phone camera 😉

  13. Owen said

    Very nice work, I’m sure it will be appreciated.
    And how about keeping one of those extras for the office, and putting the other one up for grabs 😉

  14. techvector said

    Damn, I’d like to go to that….I’m going to be at ASR though…

    You know you have a major beat down coming in the mail for avoiding me at Magic!

  15. MQ said

    dude. holy crap. this steez is awesome. congrats on the show!

    And glad you had a killer time at Magic.

  16. Scott said

    Canvas looks great as does the finished book, hit me up sometime, would love to get some for the store!

  17. dub said

    Laugh of the group? Please tell me you are joking. Your work is, and has been, superb over the years.

  18. erock said

    I posted photos from the fighting for dreams show on my blog!

  19. ArtcoreGfx said

    dude, you’re too humble (which is a good thing). you got the respect of the design community cause your illies are off the hook! straight dopeness… keep feeding us inspiration.

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