Fighting For Dreams | Photos

September 10, 2007

Images from Eric Roc, who is a amazing illustrator that also attended the show. He has more photos on his blog

I was talking to Maxx this weekend about the show. He said the turn out was fantastic and only a few pieces were sold. However i guess one of the pieces was one of mine and after seeing some of the others, my first thought was ‘whaaaat.’ Pretty rad.

Thanks Eric for sending me photos of the show!!!


7 Responses to “Fighting For Dreams | Photos”

  1. shanesart said

    Nice bro! Show looked rad. Your work represented. Way to go – S

  2. MQ said

    Wish I could’ve seen it in person, but the pics on here looked rad Josh. Good work.

    And congratulations on the sale!

  3. Syn said

    Yeah it was a good. Show i was pumped on it there was a pretty good turn out I took some insane pics Ill post them on photobucket !

  4. Nice! good to hear.. So whats up with Plan B! How did the boards do at ASR!

  5. snickars said

    They look even better up on the wall! How much did it cost you to print a canvas that big?

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