Plan B Skateboards vs. Hydro74

September 11, 2007


I wasn’t able to make it to ASR this year, but deeply wanted to, one of which was to hangout and annoy a great friend, Dan Janssen & the Soup Graphix crew. This photo, as badly sliced up as I could do, was taken by Dan. They were right in the middle along with all their other boards. I thought they really popped out. Also, Soup just updated his site, check it out…

Anyway. I worked up a set of 9 team boards for Plan B, as well as some others for ASR. This is the first time i saw them live, and they turned out great!. Once they hit the scene, and sell more than Maxx’s Real boards (watch out Maxx…), i’ll post better photos of them.


17 Responses to “Plan B Skateboards vs. Hydro74”

  1. Erock said

    Those look great man! I like how all the art bleeds off the boards.

  2. MQ said

    These rock man. Hope they sell out!

  3. snickars said

    HOLY CRAP! having them lined up like that makes them really look great, damn..dropped my jaw. must say you really hit my graphic g-spot, asian-influenced masks and your style. couldn’t be better. thanks for the visual orgasm!

  4. So thats where Jereme Rogers ended up. I figured he would end up on Plan B or Element. Great job on the boards.

  5. You’ve created one beautiful line up here joshua! I think I’ll be getting a couple for my office walls, very nice illustrative work this round!!! Stay up homie,

  6. Wow! I really dig seein’those masks and asian elements in this context. Great job. Very inspiring.

  7. Well done designs!

    Makes an interesting wall showing too…now let the grinding begin!


  8. Falsify said

    Dope ass designs…keepin’ it heavy!!

  9. Joe Boccia said

    Badd Ass!!!!!!!!!! I may have to get one and have ya sign it!!!!

  10. Dermot said

    Holy shit! Really dope boards

  11. shanesart said

    Your take lon the asian elements is awesome! Beautiful work, again – S

  12. AlfonsoR said

    show us the digital images of each! ahah,

    looks awesome!

  13. klassic82 said

    SICK stuff man, those really came out sweet. Lovin that style of illys…..keep it up Hydro

  14. mrchek said

    WOW!!! Really dope boards !!!)))

  15. section14 said

    gnarly!! Which one is 8″ width?

  16. reggie said

    I saw these at ASR you big pimp. They had them center stage at the booth!

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