September 14, 2007


I was checking out some sites I did work with last year and noticed a lot of my pieces for the snow industries were up. Damn, i did a lot of work….


10 Responses to “I ♥ SNOW”

  1. PT said

    A lot of awesome work by the looks of it. Dig the K2 stuff.

    Peace. PT

  2. Nice. I really dig the K2 stuff as well. The skis are sick!

  3. Damn everything looks so good.

  4. Erock said

    Looking good man!

  5. ArtcoreGfx said

    these pieces are bangin’! bro, it’ll be dope if you busted out some more tutorials…

  6. Phillip R. said

    I’m sure your hella busy….but I’m fiendin’ for a tutorial and/or freebies 🙂

  7. shanesart said

    Nice work Josh! Kinda partial to the white “Koi” board myself. Keep rockin the Vector, Bro!

  8. techvector said

    tis the season! (almost) let me know when you have your sample sale! 153’s and 156’s!

  9. Matt Q said

    Love them man. Too bad we don’t have too many mountains in Indiana to ride those on.

    Great work.

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