Surf Expo | Photos

September 16, 2007


Volcom was giving out some crazy rocker shirts. Try to convince Troy to wear it for the rest of the show. I love this picture…


Troy told use to act tough, not stoned..dammit Dave!! BTW, this is Dave a.k.a. Track 6. He’s new in the design game and a guy that visits the blog often. It was great meeting up with him and walking the show.

Chris from Blackout Creations joined up with Troy, Track 6 and me while checking out the new stuff from the Wake Board companies. It was crazy, a few friends at Liquid Force thought i had a little entourage. Hell yeah, Team Hydro grows!

This is to Chris at Blackout… THANKS FOR THE INVITE TO THE GALLERY SHOW!!!!! (HA HA HA)

Meet up with the ever so sexy Kenedik. Hi Jen!! Jeremy is a dear friend and great local designer.

Few nice pieces i saw around the show.

This is one of the Maxx242 shoes. Maxx is a seriously a great friend and I’ve always admired his work. I love his typography and illustration detail, so I was pretty excited to see his stuff around Surf Expo (even tho it’s a small show). The shoes look great. Congrats Maxx!!

This say’s it all.


7 Responses to “Surf Expo | Photos”

  1. shanesart said

    Damn! Another show, looked like fun. Nothing ever goes on in Denver. Sucks to be me! – S

  2. Hey, I want to be part of the Hydro’s team !!


    those pics looks like de show was amazing..

    greets dude.

  3. Same here Shane…
    Portland is a hot spot for everything but tradeshows. Looks like it was fun. That photo of Troy in the Volcom shirt is hilarious!

  4. Track6 said

    Tradeshow was a blast. Took me 12 hours to get home today. I think the first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow is sell that Volcom shirt on EBAY. Some toothless skater in Tennessee has gotta be willing to pay like 50 bucks for it. Either that or wear it EVERY time I ride on the Delta, where sleeves aren’t so much optional as they are frowned upon.

    Oh, and according to the nice young lady I sat next to on the plane that works for Oakley, there’s actually a show in Denver this week. Can’t remember the name of it though.

  5. Matt Q said

    haha, even though it was small it looks like you had a great time! And that shirt on Troy is killer. hahaha.

  6. KENEDIK said

    Good seeing you at the show…

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