COSH | LeBunny Show

September 18, 2007


Cosh is going to be having another upcoming show dedicated to the wonderful worlds of bunnies. I thought I would start on my illustrations titled ‘Peter’s crazy Mexican Adventure’. Don’t even know if i’m going to finish this piece up. Haven’t fully decided yet if i want to go cartoonish or hydrolistic (get it..mixing realistic & Hydro…ha….sorry)

who knows. However here is the start, thought you might enjoy checking it out.


12 Responses to “COSH | LeBunny Show”

  1. klassic82 said


    Hey, I definatley want to know when this show will be and where. Love the start, I’m sure you’ll figure out where to go with it, you should copywright “hydrolistic” HA, well take it easy man.

    Will | klassic82

  2. Erock said

    I would stick with the cartoon style. When I see bunnies for dedicated to show I would expect it’s going to be comedical and outright hilarious….You have a great start.

  3. AlfonsoR said

    haha nice name..

    very good illustration..

  4. The bones are the best, I like your new paradigm, hydrolistic. Lol

  5. ArtcoreGfx said

    another stellar illy as usual… straight dopeness!

  6. “Hydrolistic,” nice. Way to enrich the english language.

    This is really cool. It’s funny and kinda morbid. I love the front leg bones.
    You could always do something new based on the rabbit you did a few weeks ago too. I loved that!

  7. LOL! I love it, I def like the cartoonish style.

  8. shanesart said

    Definately looks dope so far. Keep pushin the cartoon look. Peace! – S

  9. MattQ said

    It looks rad so far man. I like the mexican adventure theme. you gotta get some killer cacti in there somewhere too.

  10. snickars said

    haha, i can hear the clappering sound of the bones hitting the ground when escaping from the bad ass mexican coyote!

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