Illustration in Process

September 19, 2007


I’m not even sure where i’m taking this yet. I have a plan, but it’s not really fully realized yet. But … I ♥ this whole asian evil stuff. dunno why.


12 Responses to “Illustration in Process”

  1. snickars said

    no wonder you love them, they’re amazing. i regret not getting a lot more masks when i was travelling thailand, only got one…grrr…your stuff would be amazing to put on the wall in the form of a mask!

  2. mrchek said

    It is real EVIL !!! ))

  3. bandit said

    nice one, but what happened to your colours? cant you post some more type treatments and apparel? please? hehe 😀

  4. Joe Boccia said

    Fantastic Bro! That is freakin BAD ASS!

  5. AlfonsoR said

    aww. look awesome.

    lil’ dark but cool.

  6. Erock said

    Keep it up! You have some good looking masks. very detailed.

  7. Dermot said

    Hell yeah! Awesome work

  8. due to frequenting your blog and the mass amount of evil asian art, i know have nightmares of samurai trying to kill me with a pen tool.

    sick work. i’m digging more black in the designs.

  9. shanesart said

    Awesome! You should do a series of mask prints or T-shirts. I’d definateely be down with some of those. – S

  10. MQ said

    Really awesome Josh. I like the dual eyes. It almost gives it a split personality if you focus on one set at a time. Kinda like the evil behind the evil.

    Or maybe there was some acid hidden in my lunch.

    Either way it’s dope.

  11. t-shirts would be cool!

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