Threadless | Doverated

September 21, 2007


I got contacted by Threadless to work on a Threadless Select Tee. I like threadless, but i hate making whitty tee’s. However, i thought a good idea, and yes, this will be colored up, not Black and White like all my other stuff, will be called “Doverated”. Just a joking look at how Dover Heraldry Clip Art is everywhere, so why not make a super slick illustration with some nice banners around it, and turn it into a heraldry piece on it’s own.

just a idea, Love it? Hate it? am i retarded? any suggestions for ideas?


10 Responses to “Threadless | Doverated”

  1. shanesart said

    Good idea. Badass Illustration! (so far)

  2. marco said

    i like it, its a great illustration, but the somehow the proportions look some strange to me. maybe the body part is to small. hehe, i can’t believe, that i really wrote this…. :/:)8):(
    your top my dear

  3. I hate it.. It might look better with some Porcelain.

  4. Are you seriously asking this question? You know we love your stuff. What do you think we’ll say?
    “Yeah Josh, ‘retarded’ pretty well sums it up.”
    Doubt it. Especially after all the work you already put in.
    Anyway, the idea is good and the illustration is fantastic. I love the beefy arms! The blend of Hydrolistic and cartoonish style is awesome!
    My only suggestion is that it could possibly use a little more detail in the chest to match the rest of the body. I’ll be one of the first to order, $5.

  5. pantocreator said

    Too much bro, ure shit always stomps, luv it!
    If you need a whitty slogan how bout “Dover it” meaning – ” over it ” Heraldry has saturated the tshirt and graphic design market lately but occasionally someone like yourself does it so well and so original.

    “So Larry what ya suggest we do for our Big Brand range of mens casual T Shirts this quarter?”
    “Hey I know, lets Dover it!”
    “Genius Larry, sheer genius, get googling and cutting pasting, and prepare yourself for a raise!”

    oh and that UP Knuckle duster is SICK!

  6. Rick said

    I agree with “betterthanhuman” about the detail issue, my eye goes straight to the chest. (place joke here)
    Anyway, looking forward to see the finished work!

  7. jeff said

    didn’t Twhite just submit his dover tee to threadless and have it rejected? random how similar these ideas are although his was more of a joke

  8. I think the front of the chest needs a little work, and i like the idea, but i dont know if its “threadless” witty

  9. I’m with Troy. I don’t like it… I tried looking at it from both left and right perspectives and it just seems a little stiff. Lines and shading are awesome and I don’t see a problem with the chest because it suites the figure. I think it will work if you tried the head at a different angle slightly looking towards you.

  10. The select tees aren’t witty most of the time anyway. Select is more of an artistic forum than the rest of the site.

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