Freelancers Come Forth

September 22, 2007

There are a couple projects coming up that I would like to test drive some new freelance talent. Pretty much looking to expand “Team Hydro” a bit. The projects are mostly apparel base at the moment with some production needs as well. If you are interested, hit me up with:

1. Some links to your work
2. How much time you’re into investing
3. Information on the best ways to reach you.
4. Technical styles you feel best suited for.

Drop me a line at Joshua (at) Hydro74 (dot) Com

Base rates will be determined by Hydro74 as well as supplied creative Briefs. I am looking to expand my talent pool and give some designers a opportunity to break into some of the clients I’ve established. More details on project offerings to those interested.

Joshua M. Smith


15 Responses to “Freelancers Come Forth”

  1. I would be interested, but I definitely am on a different design path that I’d like to be.

  2. superzero21 said

    Hey Bro, is very kind of you to share this opportunity with other designer!

    I think my work still have long way to reach there, but i’ll try my best!! It will be my pleasure to work with a great designer like you some day in the future. Cheers…

    ~Inspired by Vector, Perfected by Hydro74~

  3. FloatingPoint said

    Man would be honored to work with you!


  4. shanesart said

    What an opportunity! Thanks for the chance. – S

  5. God bless you Hydro. God bless you

    Thanks for the privilege

  6. Erock said

    I would definitely be interested thanks!!!

  7. hellocolor said

    Bold S.H.I.T. Joshua ;>
    Hope you find fresh blood for that ‘shit’..

  8. I think this is an awesome opportunity for guys like us! Much respect!!

  9. Paulo said

    Is it for Brazil designers to?

  10. Grafikus said

    would love to be considered for this opportunity.

  11. hejz said

    Hello J,
    I’ve just sent you an email : )


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