Christian Summer

September 27, 2007

I’ve been getting together each week with a few friends from the local starbucks to talk religion, politics, life and so on. One of the guys I’ve been talking with is Christian Summer. We’ve been talking quite a bit for the last few weeks and he mentioned he does this Acoustic music set. Of course my first thought was… ‘everybody has a band these days’, but after i checked out his site, listend to a couple songs… not too bad.

His Music is pretty good but his site is horrid. I’ll probably throw down some quick design stuff for him, but if you want to help, you should drop him a line.


anyway, just a good guy, doing his thing, thought i would give some props.


3 Responses to “Christian Summer”

  1. yt said

    Damn, i like this kindo music! (strange, till now i didn’t knew one band playing music like this)
    It remembers me to scrubs 😀

    anyway, thank you hydro, I downloaded all the songs and it’s a nice alternation to hiphop.
    (and the guys in the office i work for like it to!)

    hope you make a fresh design and please tell him, he has to upload more songs like this!

  2. Angel said

    Cool music thanks for the tip 🙂

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