Los Fokos vs Hydro74

September 29, 2007


Alejandro Fuentes a.k.a. Los Fokos decided he was tired of the Hydro black and white theme. Sucker has to show me up! 🙂 Naw, Alex is a great friend and a amazing designer/illustrator. Going to be wooing him to produce a book for Legacy of Defeat because he is amazing.

once sorted, i’ll make some desktops out of this graphic.


18 Responses to “Los Fokos vs Hydro74”

  1. Nice color, interesting to see how this collabo will come out. Cheers Josh, stay up bro.

  2. Ahh it’s so nice to see some color again Josh I tell you what!

  3. Holy freakin’ crap! That is so sexy! You should have him bust out some color ways for you more often.

  4. mrchek said

    This is not Hydro’s colors ))) Not in your style ))
    But nice )

  5. bandit said

    Wow! Thats what I’m talking about! COLOURS!!!! Sick!

  6. Nice, really like the hydro logo

  7. lenox8081 said

    Looks real good could have done w/out the white dots (highlights)

  8. Cameron Braun said

    Oh man i love this with the color! It really wasn’t my favorite in black and white.

  9. Joe said

    Damn Josh. Your color pallettes are always….excellent LOL.

  10. The color looks great! But I could have done w/out the white circles on the horns (the highlights).

  11. NIce! Los Fokos work is killer.. Ads a nice touch to an already cool piece.

  12. shanesart said

    This asian mask series is probably my favorite in the Hyro line up. There awesome! Los Fokos, great job on the colors. I might have changed out the background color to make it pop a little more but that’s me.

    Nice collaboration peeps!

  13. Nice, I like it a lot.

  14. snickars said

    Just saw a clip from the “So you think you can dance” finale where a guy was tapdancing and he hade one of the xgames shirts, it was the skull with crossed bones and a lot of hair….oh, the new piece it’s a killer with colors!

  15. MQ said

    Totally sick Josh. Los Fokos’ work is rad. Odd but fitting use of the color palette.


  16. Erock said

    Cool. Like the text. I still have a thing for the contrast of black and white. It’s good to throw color into the mix though. Nice job Los Foko’s.

  17. hans said

    Dont you reply to any of your emails or email adresses?

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