Surf Expo

September 15, 2007

Just attended surf expo. It was a great trade show, but somewhat small. I have a few photos which i’ll post soon. All I have to say now, with the trade show season coming a close, i am happy to just relax and click the mouse.



September 14, 2007


I was checking out some sites I did work with last year and noticed a lot of my pieces for the snow industries were up. Damn, i did a lot of work….

Plan B Skateboards vs. Hydro74

September 11, 2007


I wasn’t able to make it to ASR this year, but deeply wanted to, one of which was to hangout and annoy a great friend, Dan Janssen & the Soup Graphix crew. This photo, as badly sliced up as I could do, was taken by Dan. They were right in the middle along with all their other boards. I thought they really popped out. Also, Soup just updated his site, check it out…

Anyway. I worked up a set of 9 team boards for Plan B, as well as some others for ASR. This is the first time i saw them live, and they turned out great!. Once they hit the scene, and sell more than Maxx’s Real boards (watch out Maxx…), i’ll post better photos of them.

Fighting For Dreams | Photos

September 10, 2007

Images from Eric Roc, who is a amazing illustrator that also attended the show. He has more photos on his blog

I was talking to Maxx this weekend about the show. He said the turn out was fantastic and only a few pieces were sold. However i guess one of the pieces was one of mine and after seeing some of the others, my first thought was ‘whaaaat.’ Pretty rad.

Thanks Eric for sending me photos of the show!!!

Fighting For Dreams | Pieces

September 5, 2007


Here are the pieces I’m sending over to the Gallery Show over in San Fran. My fingers are numb from stretching this. Granted, they are just canvas pieces, but they turned out fantastic. I do have two others that are fully stretched. I might put them up in my office, or I might put them up for grabs. Haven’t decided.

So, yeah, if you are in San Fran this Thursday, check out the show. These pieces will probably be the laugh of the group involved, since it is some major illustrators involved, so if you don’t see the pieces, check the bathroom:)

Featuring: Jeff Soto, Regino Gonzales, OG Abel, Maxx242, Munk One, Hydro74, Jason Gallo, Aaron Mason, Acorn, & Gems One


it’s going to be a amazing show. I won’t be able to attend this one, only due to plans that are already made, however if you are over in San Fran, hit this up!
Here are my pieces. They are in rough stages:


I will be planning on printing a few different ones up on Canvas. If you are interested in a copy, let me know. The prints are going to be 18×24. Might even set up a couple silk screen prints, not sure yet!

Magic Photos

September 3, 2007

This is Coffee from the Band Grits. He was out at Magic on the second night. Grits is a pretty dope rap band that I knew of for quite some time. I know when I walked past him, ..i said, “yo Coffee”, he turned, i knew. We talked for a while, and talked about the common people we knew in the industry.

I look like crap in this photo. It was after this crazy night over at the Double Down Saloon with Twhite and Adrian of Revolt. It was funny because Troy noticed a lot of people at this hole in the wall bar off the strip wearing Obey gear, some of which wasn’t out. After a hour into it, we realized we were parting with the Obey Sales reps. Guess Sheppard was there earlier so we just missed him. So this photo is me somewhat hung over. I talked with him for a few, then we talked about some common clients we have and it was almost like a switch clicked on for him. At that moment, he checked out my work and was impressed. Later on that night at this Boosted Party, and again, the three of us (Twhite, Adrian and I) were pretty much shitfaced because we were taking advantage of the open bar. I was doing my own thing when i noticed Adrian calling me over.. So i walked over and who should turn around, Sheppard. We ended up talking for bit more afterwards, and honestly, i have the highest respect for what he does. He was really into my work, we also talked about some techniques and just dealing with the concept business vs. design. So i was quite happy to at least be somewhat on his radar as a designer now.

I believe this is the last day.. we were pretty tired getting ready to hit the monorail.

This is Brisk One.. He is a well known graf artist. it was pretty crazy, when i was talking to Shep via Obey, he walked over started to talk to him because they know one another, and he looked at me and said, ‘oh damn, are you that hydro guy…” (or something like that..don’t quote me). This big graf artist knew who i was, that was pretty insane. Brisk was amazing to talk to, he is really down to earth and it’s nice to meet people who just love their craft and love their jobs. He introduced me to a silly amount of people. One being OG Abel.

I was humored by this. It was a Ipod Vending Machine over at the airport. They didn’t have the new iphone headset, so i didn’t bother buying anything from it. God I love apple.

This guy is cool. He runs Kindred and has some great designs. We talked for while because he is doing photo realistic prints that are soft touch. amazing looking prints.

As we were walking pass a couple booths on our way to the front, we noticed a big crowd of people. All of a sudden, Troy yelled out… ‘that is LL Cool J’ so i pushed in to get a shot. keep in mind this is with my phone, so i was pretty damn close.

This is Monk One. He is retarded talented. So talented I almost considered not posthing this photo because make me feel like i don’t know how to design. His new pieces for Tribal alone are so beautiful. I highly respect this guy. (by the way Munk…you were sooo METRO… HA!)

OG ABEL. DAMN! this guy is a humble, sincere guy. Brisk One hooked me up with him and we talked for a while. I’ve always been in awe of his work, and while he was looking at my books, he kept giving me props. I actually had to step back and think… wait a minute, this is Able. This guy is respecting my work… it was insane.

Steve Aoki doing a dj set at Magic. He was just fun to watch..

Got a chance to talk with Toki Doki for a little while. They are really nice people. I’m always happy to see designers work their way into the various markets and get successul. I was just flattered they took the time to talk and give a little insight into what they do.

so that is it for now. crazy times.
I am happy to be back… I need to work. Got so much mouse clicking that needs to be done and I’m very happy to start!

Magic, L.A. & Fun

September 1, 2007


Magic, Project & Pool were great shows. I had a amazing time. I will be posting a ton of photos soon once i get them collected from my phone and the couple of guys i was with. Let’s just say, I’ve never been more shocked by who I met and who talked with me!

More to come!