Digital Arts (Freebie)

October 30, 2007


Digital Arts is going to get a little something special in each issue from now on. I am going to collect various vector pieces that I either don’t mind sharing or just want to make for them. It’s pretty much a Pro-bono gig, however I do personally like that magazine. So in the upcoming issue of Digital Arts, there should be a little vector love from me.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, or pretty much figured out my over glorified tracing (of skulls) check out the tutorial I did for them.
Hydro74’s Tutorial on Digital Arts

kinda cool



October 30, 2007


Long story short, a client asked me to do a quick tattoo esq mock up of a vinyl toy so they can have something for a presentation with a possible Client of theirs comes in. Everything is hush hush on the players, so I can’t say much. But, i did this mock up and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Granted, i was influenced by some others I have seen out there (design styles, not so much the toys), but after doing this mock, i was thinking… damn, i should have something out there! I want to make a toy!!! anyone got any hook ups 🙂


October 29, 2007


I just recently went out to get a new Wacom. I had a small one before but didn’t like it, however after talking with Maxx242, he suggested getting the middle sized one. so i did and started to sketch up some stuff last night. It isn’t too bad. Still taking some time to get use to it, and will help with getting good quick mocks ready for illustrator to get things Hydrolized™


I think I might of found the perfect spot for my Geisha. This is a shirt I’m thinking of printing up for Legacy of Defeat, as one of the first Artist Series. Going to see if i can get a nice waterbased ink or discharge with it. Probably order some Alternative Apparel high end blanks and do a Black and Grey version. Not sure.

Let me know your thoughts.

Late October Recent

October 23, 2007


This month so far as been a blur. Between being sick, trying to find time to keep up with current projects and concept out some new illustrations, things have just flew by. It’s hard to believe we are at the end of October.

The recent illustrations are concepts for a new line of asian inspired art i want to move into. The noh mask and the geisha stuff are just rough concepts. However I am really digging the style and direction. The bottom one with the skull is a larger silk screen poster for Upper Playground. i will be getting some copies in once they are done, and will drop them on Legacy of Defeat.

As far as news. Juxtapose Magazine contacted me to do a one page feature. I am quite excited about this, my question is what piece should i show? I might just concept out some really detailed animal with pop colors, or if I should send over some recent pieces and let them choose. There is a cool project coming in from Lucas Arts that I’m excited to take on, as well as some stuff for Hasbro. And lastly, I’m wrapping up a Limited Edition Ice Cream Box for Publix (a supermarket) in the next few days so that should be out in a month or so. Oh, Also, Digit Creative Magazine is going to have a larger number of Vector files for each issue from Hydro74. So be on the look out for that when it hits newsstands.

This is the first week this month that I feel somewhat better than usual. It’s nice to be over the 2-3 different things that have been floating around my house, so with fingers crossed, i’ll be back up and fully clicking this week and shooting for a record of point clicks 🙂


It’s been a nutty week. Between getting some deadlines sorted, also trying to get time to finalize the site. Anyway, here is the soft launch. Got some projects coming up that are going to be pretty sweet, now just need to schedule time to get them done!!

Legacy of Defeat

Recent and Somewhat Recent

October 5, 2007


some of these pieces have been changed or not used, or tweaked or all the above. fun fun


October 5, 2007


There is this artshow over in Atlanta that i’m doing up a board for. My thoughts, and this is really rough, is to get some really gritty sand paper, some clear coat lacquer and maybe some wood stain and do it up that way. I might spray mount a few other things on the board, but if you have any suggestions, please, let know. I hardly do actual drawings because i’ve gotten so use to using the mouse:)