Recent and Somewhat Recent

October 5, 2007


some of these pieces have been changed or not used, or tweaked or all the above. fun fun


12 Responses to “Recent and Somewhat Recent”

  1. Holy crap! Everything is so dope.I really love the upperplayground stuff.

  2. Drez said

    Awesomeness all around. Dope, no doubt.

  3. I love the all-over printed tee design. Kickin’ stuff.

  4. snickars said

    i haven’t noticed until now that there is a little walrus in there, haha…looks to sugary sweet to hang out the nasty deamon and the skull…the ripcurl piece, i dunno what it is that bugs me, think it has too much detail in it…

  5. so so so so so dope. No wonder you didnt post for awhile you busy little bee.

  6. Carlos Vidal said

    Your work is incredible. Thanks.

    Tu trabajo es increíble, inspirador. Gracias.

  7. mrchek said

    Very nice !!! )) Especially bird )

  8. Erock said

    The T-shirt rocks! Love it. Nice work Hydro.
    The image in the BMX ad piece throws off the composition a bit…maybe find another.

  9. shanesart said

    Nice work Hydro! The Rip Curl piece turned out really well. Keep up the good work, Bro.

  10. Sweeeeet!!! I especially love the Rip Curl Eagle!

  11. inge said

    You must know Filip Leu!

  12. Byte said

    hey your images are great! i love them…
    if ther is something that i don’t like it’s that they’re a bit to messy and full of details.
    really impressive work 😉

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