October 5, 2007


There is this artshow over in Atlanta that i’m doing up a board for. My thoughts, and this is really rough, is to get some really gritty sand paper, some clear coat lacquer and maybe some wood stain and do it up that way. I might spray mount a few other things on the board, but if you have any suggestions, please, let know. I hardly do actual drawings because i’ve gotten so use to using the mouse:)


13 Responses to “Skateboard”

  1. You can “transfer” color photo copies using lacquer thinner. I was about to write a really long explanation but I looked up a tutorial instead. Here you go:;topic=156073.0;images

    This only show black and white but you can do the same with color copies only the color fades a little.

  2. Also, the clipart zine “Crap Hound” that is mentioned can be purchased online from one of my hometown’s local shops. Check it:

  3. 2 colors of paint splatter, possibly grey and red, some barbwire wrapped around…

  4. I like Gabriel’s idea.

  5. ryangerber said

    if the board id made of a fairly nice piece of wood; you could give it a light sanding and then spray it down with a black primer. then when its dry, go back over and sand pretty much all the black off; this way all your grains and details in the wood will retain the black paint. put of nice finish on it and then your design. finish with a lacquer. you feel comfortable with using wood stains and such, you could even try to give the wood a classic sunburst patter. it would be a nice background anyways.

  6. some WELL PLACES platter, yeah, and then laquor it, no sandpaper josh.. it will look too forced.

  7. well placed splatter, too.

  8. Mark Nielsen said

    You could also try printing it on rice paper and then sealing it with laminating resin. That’s how you put logos or graphics on a surfboard, even wood boards like the ones over at Grain (
    The rice paper goes transparent once the resin saturates it.

  9. Adam said

    “I hardly do actual drawings because i’ve gotten so use to using the mouse:)”

    What, no TABLET?? 😀

  10. Owen said

    you do all your drawing with a mouse? no tablet?

  11. dub said

    where at in atl?

  12. mikehyp said

    whattup josh, it’s mike over at spyder. try using acrylic gel transfer media, cheap, simple and good results. drop me a line if you want some tips and tricks.


  13. What ever happened with this one?
    No update?

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