Legacy of Defeat… Now Live

October 19, 2007


It’s been a nutty week. Between getting some deadlines sorted, also trying to get time to finalize the site. Anyway, here is the soft launch. Got some projects coming up that are going to be pretty sweet, now just need to schedule time to get them done!!

Legacy of Defeat


10 Responses to “Legacy of Defeat… Now Live”

  1. Holy smokes! I don’t even know what to do with myself. You’ve obviously been busy.

  2. PT said

    Sites looking great! Keep up that frigg’n sweet work!

  3. thegoing said

    yeah man site looks good…. glad the photos are working for ya..

  4. Brian said

    With those LOD artists tees, are you going for an east coast version of RVCA? That would be a fresh.

  5. davidmac! said

    Site is looking good, glad the photos are working out for ya…

  6. Erock said

    Those covers look nice bro! can’t wait to see those.

  7. shanesart said

    Nice, I really like the concept behind the site. It’s awesome how you’re always looking out for other designers.

    Site layout and new covers are great. Keep representin’! – S

  8. Dermot said

    Great job on the site! Everytign look awesome. Keep up the great work man

  9. Jenzzz said

    Good site!
    Looking forward to the “Resource” book!

  10. jes said

    Man you stay in the grind. You work harder than anyone i know. Keep up the good work.

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