Late October Recent

October 23, 2007


This month so far as been a blur. Between being sick, trying to find time to keep up with current projects and concept out some new illustrations, things have just flew by. It’s hard to believe we are at the end of October.

The recent illustrations are concepts for a new line of asian inspired art i want to move into. The noh mask and the geisha stuff are just rough concepts. However I am really digging the style and direction. The bottom one with the skull is a larger silk screen poster for Upper Playground. i will be getting some copies in once they are done, and will drop them on Legacy of Defeat.

As far as news. Juxtapose Magazine contacted me to do a one page feature. I am quite excited about this, my question is what piece should i show? I might just concept out some really detailed animal with pop colors, or if I should send over some recent pieces and let them choose. There is a cool project coming in from Lucas Arts that I’m excited to take on, as well as some stuff for Hasbro. And lastly, I’m wrapping up a Limited Edition Ice Cream Box for Publix (a supermarket) in the next few days so that should be out in a month or so. Oh, Also, Digit Creative Magazine is going to have a larger number of Vector files for each issue from Hydro74. So be on the look out for that when it hits newsstands.

This is the first week this month that I feel somewhat better than usual. It’s nice to be over the 2-3 different things that have been floating around my house, so with fingers crossed, i’ll be back up and fully clicking this week and shooting for a record of point clicks 🙂


10 Responses to “Late October Recent”

  1. Danny said

    wow very cool geisha

  2. thegoing said

    glad your feeling better and getting back into the swing of things. ps. that publix ice cream box got my wife all excited. She loves ice cream. Like serious I think it’s a problem

  3. Cool stuff as always. Sorry to here you’ve been under the weather but glad to hear you’re feeling better. Congrats on Juxtapose and Digit. I bet it feels great to get some serious recognition. Hah, not that your new to it anymore.
    Keep rockin’ it.

  4. PT said

    Wicked. Love the masks.


  5. MQ said

    Right on Josh! Glad you’re feeling better. Seems you’ve got a lot to feel good about. Congrats on the Lucas Arts thang and the mags. Do you know which issue of Juxt you’re doing yet?

    Keep rockin’ man. I may have to get one of those UP posters when they come in. I love that skull.

  6. Damn straight butter!!

  7. jes said

    Yo its pretty cool that even when your not feeling 100 percent you could put out amazing pieces like you have this month. What size would the posters be. I think you should send the art work that you like to the magazine. Nobody but nobody could represent you better than yourself. Well hope you feel better now get back to cliking that mouse. Vector for life.

  8. shanesart said

    Wow, Lucas Arts would be one of my dream places to work!. Way to go! I think it’s awesome that you scored the Digit Creative and Juxtapose jigs as well. I’m a big fan of those mags.

    Hope ya feel better! – S

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