Legacy of Defeat Shirt Mocks

October 23, 2007


I think I might of found the perfect spot for my Geisha. This is a shirt I’m thinking of printing up for Legacy of Defeat, as one of the first Artist Series. Going to see if i can get a nice waterbased ink or discharge with it. Probably order some Alternative Apparel high end blanks and do a Black and Grey version. Not sure.

Let me know your thoughts.


17 Responses to “Legacy of Defeat Shirt Mocks”

  1. brian said

    Thats so fresh! You should do some sort of membership deal on LOD, Like Digital Gravel. pay one price and get 1 limited tee a month for a year, each done by a different artist .

  2. Nice, Any artist submissions? i just did a recent japanese samurai illustration inspred by all the masks you have been doing… check it out,


  3. downpour said

    damn! looks amazing..

    i think the brian’s idea is good.

  4. I really like the off black one.

  5. Cameron Braun said

    Love it. This is one of my favorites from the “asian” series yet.

  6. Oh yeah! The top one is sexy.
    Check out these blanks: http://www.vintagebasics.com
    They might be a good vintage style option. AA doesn’t really have anything like this.

  7. josh, a discharge print on the charcoal would be off the charts.

  8. shanesart said

    I can’t see the second pic but the first one is great. I’d sport one – S

  9. Wow, Josh! Both colors are super sweet and I love the cynical look on her face. Damn! I just started on a Geisha piece as well but you beat me to it.

  10. shanesart said

    I see them both now. both versions are nice but I still like the top one.

  11. Matt Q said

    That geisha is badass dude.

    If i may suggest something…try to find a Direct To Garment Printer rather than a screen printer. If you’re going to use the softest tees out there you might as well use the softest type of garment printing for them!

    If you’d be interested I can get you a list of a few in Florida…or maybe print them for you 😉

  12. That’s sweet josh! Where do you get those blanks for mockup?

  13. steve said

    that dark gray version is hot.

  14. manifester said

    shake that thing man!


  15. Sultan said

    Deffinetly Will Buy One 😀

  16. draw4food said

    Cool looking shirt! I prefer the dark grey one, cause that type of color matches the illustration better…

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