October 29, 2007


I just recently went out to get a new Wacom. I had a small one before but didn’t like it, however after talking with Maxx242, he suggested getting the middle sized one. so i did and started to sketch up some stuff last night. It isn’t too bad. Still taking some time to get use to it, and will help with getting good quick mocks ready for illustrator to get things Hydrolized™


10 Responses to “Wacom”

  1. shanesart said

    I’ve had about 4 different size tablets over the years. Did you get the Intuos 3, 6″x8″? That’s what I have at home and I like it but I also have the Intuos 2 6″x8″ at work and find it a bit better. I think it’s the over all feel of the tablet that I like more or it might just be me.

    Congrats on your new toy. Looks like your already at home with it!

  2. Erock said

    I have the new Intous 9″x12″. Which is really nice. Definitely I reccomend that size and work area if you can afford it. The Wacom takes sometime and experience for sure, but for roughing things out it’s fantastic. I obviously stick with the mouse on the tighter stuff.

  3. Cool. I’ve only had my hands on a really old 4×5. I think it was the Graphire. Anyway, I couln’t get a feel for it. Maybe I’ll have to check out a newer and larger one.

  4. snickars said

    Welcome to the wacom family! it won’t take long before you’re used to it, i use an intous3 6″x8″. I even talked my boss into getting me a smaller graphire at work for smaller retouch and image works when i first started there. The intous is better for illustration work, so i hope you got that one. Anyway it would be nice to see some more hand drawn stuff from now on 😉

  5. Congrads man!! Really like the drawings.

  6. Matt Q said

    Right on! I was lucky enough to be given my wacom by a prof who had upgraded when I was in school. 6×8 but I don’t know which Intuos model it is.

    Hope to see the hand drawn look incorporated Hydro style!

  7. Jake said

    Dang, with the amount of vector work you do it’s surprising you don’t do it all on wacom. I work off of a 9×12 and it’s invaluable for Photoshop coloring and vectorizing. Anyways, the new stuff is looking amazing.

  8. wacom said

    interesting pictures. Do You make it by Wacom ?

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