Digital Arts (Freebie)

October 30, 2007


Digital Arts is going to get a little something special in each issue from now on. I am going to collect various vector pieces that I either don’t mind sharing or just want to make for them. It’s pretty much a Pro-bono gig, however I do personally like that magazine. So in the upcoming issue of Digital Arts, there should be a little vector love from me.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, or pretty much figured out my over glorified tracing (of skulls) check out the tutorial I did for them.
Hydro74’s Tutorial on Digital Arts

kinda cool


10 Responses to “Digital Arts (Freebie)”

  1. stew said

    This is awesome, thanks alot man.
    The tutorial is very helpful.

  2. MQ said

    Sweet deal Josh. I’m grabbin’ the next issue fo sho sir.

    And thanks for the tips on mulah.

  3. snickars said

    sweet, all i need to do is to find a skull at an affordable price…have to check the local schools if they have some crappy plastic skeleton hidden in their closet where they also keep jars filled with two headed puppies and other nasty beasts :p (the puppy-jar is for real btw)

  4. manifester said

    My dad is a doctor so he has a lot of Human Body Anatomy books, so I can sketch a lot of skulls.

    Amazing style!

  5. shanesart said

    Nice job on the tut! To bad the set you show here didn’t come with the mag. However, the ones that did also work nicely. – S

  6. superzero21 said

    Nice job!!
    The tutorial sure usefull to me..

  7. aaron said

    anyone know the best place around to get Digital Arts Mag? do they carry it at book stores?

  8. JP Redman said

    How about helping guys like me out aswell, i’m in South Africa and unable to buy the mag, but will love the vectors aswell … maybe a discounted price on YWFT or something?? please man … thanx

  9. Chile said

    Geez! Regardless of it being tracing. You have by far perfected the art in general. I have been following your work for quite some time now and have yet to be disappointed. I live in Brevard County Florida and wait for the day to possibly meet you and toss the words around. I thank you for being a true designer and giving time to helping us all learn new tricks & styles.

    thanks again


  10. guy said

    we need a tutorial on the hair itself! haha,


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