October 30, 2007


Long story short, a client asked me to do a quick tattoo esq mock up of a vinyl toy so they can have something for a presentation with a possible Client of theirs comes in. Everything is hush hush on the players, so I can’t say much. But, i did this mock up and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Granted, i was influenced by some others I have seen out there (design styles, not so much the toys), but after doing this mock, i was thinking… damn, i should have something out there! I want to make a toy!!! anyone got any hook ups 🙂


12 Responses to “Dunny”

  1. manifester said

    there’s a good friend of mine that collects Munnys, and it’s kinda of sick, you know, how can this “little guys” drive us crazy?

    Nexts days I’ll buy a few, so I can decorate with some vector material that i’ve created.



  2. MAD said

    my offer still stands….. 🙂

  3. PT said

    Haha. Wicked, not really one for the children.

  4. 57 Even!! said

    Fresh work! I’d definitely pick one up.

  5. Shokenshin said

    dig it – would put it on a shelf right away

  6. Brian said

    one of my friends works for kid robot. hes at drils.com

  7. snickars said

    wow, it would be cool to lay hands on some hydro vinyl toys for sure..i need to get some cool stuff to decorate my desktop. it’s not personal at all right now.

    by the way, look at this page and you’ll find something familiar.

  8. Nice! It wouldn’t surprise me if these puppies sold out in a week. I’ve seen a lot of different versions but yours definitely tops them all! I think these little guys come from some toy maker in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

  9. shanesart said

    Definately like the black & white look with standard Hydro flare – S

  10. Yeah, what MAD said….

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