Let’s get connected…

November 29, 2007

I quite haven’t fully figured out Linked In yet, however it is becoming a pretty interesting site.

So if you are there, let’s connect
Hydro @ Linked In


Type Records

November 29, 2007


Type Records

It’s very rare for me to really fall in love with a record label because I’m very selective about the various things I listen to during the day. However one label that I found quite some time ago was amazing. It was only recently that I was thinking about one of their artist and remembered they had this section on their site called ‘Radio‘, which were mp3 downloads of a hour or more set of beautiful classical, electronic, jazz and various other styles. So I visited again, and pretty much fell in love again with Type Records.

The music here isn’t your rock, punk, techno, top 40, emo etc.. It’s just a great mix of various artist with a very classical feel, almost like public radio, but a much grander selection. As you are working, start with one of the free Mp3 sets. I suggest Svarte Greiner : Under the Leaves. It ranges from Arvo Part to Aphex Twin.

As far as Artist, I would check out Khonnor.
Hope this helps and I hope you take time to listen. This music is one of the many fuels for the mouse clicking hand 🙂


November 24, 2007


I’m working on a project for a client, and one of the pieces has this shoe in it. I can’t show the full layout, nor give details, but i think i can get away with showing this piece. I would have to say, after doing this, this piece is one of the better illustrations I’ve done in a while. Didn’t take me too long to get it sorted, but then again, It was yesterday (the day after thanksgiving) thus I was running in and out of the office to run around town. So in my free time, as in, a hour here, a half hour there, and so forth, i was able to get this done. It will be nice to sit down Sunday night for a little while and Monday to work on the remaining illustrations.

Digital Arts Vector V.2

November 23, 2007


Here is the vector set for the next issue of Digital Arts. There is another tutorial that they want me to do. I have no clue on what I should do it on, because, well, vector illustration and design isn’t overly complicated. If you have any suggestions, I’ll gladly throw it over to them and see what they think.

Also, since for some reason a lot of people have been hot-linking directly to the files before, if you would like the first set I did, drop me a email. I’ll send it over to you because i know a lot of you don’t have access to the magazine.

Skateboard Custom

November 22, 2007


Today I was working on the above illustration… just needed to do a skull up, and play with some new techniques i’ve been thinking about, and while doing it, i realized, i dropped the ball on getting over some art to the Foundation One Gallery. They are going to be holding a auction to sell off designer boards to help fund a skatepark in Georgia I believe.

Well, anyway, in a rush, I started with a couple illustrator ideas, then decided on a direction because my last one look like crap (the first one i started with, and eventually forgot about). I made a mad dash to Home Depot to pick up some things, came back, sprayed the board silver, and started cutting out pieces from the illustration. Still needs a few levels of clear coat, and a few extra things added, but so far, looks decent.

once done, I am going to redo the process on another board and see if i can get a better result, so I’ll have a extra one up for grabs.

X Games Shirt

November 19, 2007


A friend of my, Jesus Ortiz, send me over a shirt he found at JC Pennies. Looks halfway decent for a kids shirt. Looks like I’ll have to go over there and rock some kids shirts.

Kink BMX | Cowart Ad

November 16, 2007


Here is a Ad i had to put together on the fly. It’s nothing exciting, however, for time invested vs how it turned out, quite pleased!


November 16, 2007


Had some fun playing with these. These pieces are mocks for a client just to see if this style work work. Most of the time when people request work from me, they always assume I’ll supply Vector. Well, this time… open’d up photoshop and started Rokkin like Dokkin!

Something Different…

November 15, 2007


I’ve been messing around more in photoshop lately, … and i will admit, that isn’t my program of choice, however, i do enjoy playing with it, as long as it’s not being super slow. Anyway, i was taking some photos today for a upcoming shirt that i wanted to mock up. The first photo is one from the set. Basically just my skull with some halloween reaper thing i placed over it in my chair. I was pretty happy by the way it turned out actually. Then with another one of the mocks, i did up a very bad 80’s metal styled shirt. Cheesy, but rather enjoyed playing around with it.

You just got to do something different once in a while. That is what i did tonight.

X Games Boards

November 14, 2007


I was given a heads up that Toys R Us had some decks in stock from the set I helped develop for Xgames & ESPN. I was able to find 3 of the decks, however, there is a mystery mini board out there somewhere. So I guess I will be hopping from toy store to toy store seeing if I can find it, since the company never hooked me up with printed product. So, with this new year approaching fast, from now on, in any contracts that go out, it will state, I expect product with my work on it 🙂 ha

Anyway, these look pretty good. It’s hard to believe I’ve done more Skateboards than Snowboards this year, generally, it’s rare for me to get a skateboard to design. Maybe the snowboard market is sick of the Hydro Style (hope not …)