Dunny V.2

November 1, 2007


Basically, as I said before, These are not for upcoming dunny releases, just mocks for a client so they can pitch one of their future vendors on getting involved on their projects. These will probably never be printed unless some unlikely event that the true vendor of the Dunnies wanted them. Doubt it tho. I did however want to mock these up in a more ‘hydro-ish’ style to see what could work and to fill space a little bit more evenly. This was quite fun to do.


7 Responses to “Dunny V.2”

  1. Looking good man.

    You should take those designs and put them on MADLs and get them back to Jeremy. Last I spoke with him, he told me ya never got back to him… 😦

  2. Those are pretty sweet. If the vinyl toy thing doesn’t work out maybe you could colab with one of these guys:

  3. Those are paper toys, (card models) by the way.

  4. casey said

    i LOVE the first one

  5. shanesart said

    It’s funny how your illustrations seem have a perfect fit on these. I definately dig these designs more than some of the other Dunnies that I’ve seen out there. Nice work Josh! – S

  6. bandit said

    Didnt really like them.. they look good, but you have posted these 2 (sick) illustrations too many times now! haha 😛

    the first one was much better, and it also fits better to the format!

    its a toy, make it cute! but at the same time evil!!

    nice work

  7. superzero21 said

    OMG, I would like to have 1 of that!
    Nice Work ~CUTE EVIL~

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