November 5, 2007


Seems like the end of the year should be a lighter than the middle, however things are still going strong. Just wrapped up a few different pieces for various clients and still have a lot more to do. So my posts might be minimal this week since i need to get a few things sorted before their deadline.


13 Responses to “Busy”

  1. Chris said

    you never stop do you. haha

    hope all is well dude!

  2. A “few” different pieces?! If that’s just a few, I’d hate to see what you call a lot. You’re obviously as quick as you are creative.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. shanesart said

    Good to see you still in demand. I really like the bull & walrus pieces. Keep representin’! – S

  4. MQ said

    really rad man. glad you’re as busy as i’d like to be!

    you should have NERF send you some guns for “inspiration”!

  5. manifester said

    the vaqueros bull shirt is totally sick!

  6. PT said

    Ahhh crud, that’s some amazing work… can’t wait to see it in better detail!

    Peace in the East.

  7. God Damn your a mad man!

  8. brian said

    Damn son, you got it going crazy. Nerf tees i’d actually wear!

  9. erik said

    insane stuff. nice to see you reinventing yourself aswell as kicking up new styles.

  10. i forgot what i was going to say….. keep on keepin’ on. yeah, everything they said.

  11. Grafikus said

    yeah man, thanx for being such a sick inspiration to all o’vus.

  12. Chadlonius said

    I would buy every one of them. Awesome Designs.

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