Plan B Skateboards vs. Hydro74

November 12, 2007


Well, even tho they haven’t sent me any boards, or anything for that matter, I was able to find out all the work i did for Plan B Skateboards is out in print form. Sweeet!


18 Responses to “Plan B Skateboards vs. Hydro74”

  1. Awesome work as always. We just got all the decks in at the local shop. You should show a pic of the top of the boards when they send you some.

  2. shanesart said

    Yo son, those board designs look sick!! Might have to get a couple just for some wall art. The asian themed ones are still my favorite! Nice work as alway. – S

  3. Ben said


    Love your blog. Even though I can’t design, I appreciate good work and I like keeping up with the latest. What blogs/websites do you frequent?

  4. Wow! Ill be getting one of those.

  5. i saw these boards on the site a few days ago. beautiful work. i have some of these coming to me with some of the Maxx242 boards. def going to look sick on the wall. beautiful work.

  6. Nice work! I love the Sheckler signature board!

  7. Nathan said

    Saw these at our shop the other day – he art on the top of the deck is the best part! Nicely done

  8. snickars said

    SWEEEEEEEEET! your decks rock!

  9. Joe Boccia said

    totally sick! I need to hit a few shop for that stuff!!!

  10. Brian said

    I am skating the pat duffy as of last week. Nice work!

  11. portugepunk said

    freakin’ off the hook. i don’t board, but i want

  12. I think Plan B owes you a huge THANKS. These boards will definitely put them at the top with their competitors. Awesome work Josh!

  13. downpour said

    oh my!…

    all this asian style look amazing..

    awesome work!!

  14. PT said

    Hell yeah, these are some tuff boards.


  15. Chadlonius said

    Love the samurai skull board. Cool Asian style.

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