X Games Boards

November 14, 2007


I was given a heads up that Toys R Us had some decks in stock from the set I helped develop for Xgames & ESPN. I was able to find 3 of the decks, however, there is a mystery mini board out there somewhere. So I guess I will be hopping from toy store to toy store seeing if I can find it, since the company never hooked me up with printed product. So, with this new year approaching fast, from now on, in any contracts that go out, it will state, I expect product with my work on it 🙂 ha

Anyway, these look pretty good. It’s hard to believe I’ve done more Skateboards than Snowboards this year, generally, it’s rare for me to get a skateboard to design. Maybe the snowboard market is sick of the Hydro Style (hope not …)


4 Responses to “X Games Boards”

  1. just curious: where do you put all of this stuff?

  2. sir jorge said

    Not too shabby, cool designs. Not sure on the functionality.

  3. shanesart said

    That’s funny, I had to put the same thing into my contracts. Clients are always hounding designers to get their work done ASAP then forget about us after we give it to them. Sad really! At least you got a hold of these. I really dig the design and colors of the black one.

    Keep representin’! – S

  4. Joe Boccia said

    Dude Sweet!…I Love the dark one, and the other two are also kick ass!…I’ll keep an eye out for the mini board!

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