November 16, 2007


Had some fun playing with these. These pieces are mocks for a client just to see if this style work work. Most of the time when people request work from me, they always assume I’ll supply Vector. Well, this time… open’d up photoshop and started Rokkin like Dokkin!


7 Responses to “METALMANIA”

  1. shanesart said

    You definitely have the “80’s rocker” look down. – S

  2. I really dig the style and especially love the bat and scorching skulls! This is something Volcom should put into their line-up!

  3. Brian said

    u need to go new wave too

  4. Matt Q said

    haha, really cool Josh. I like the ice flames a lot.

    hope your client goes ape shit!

  5. Chadlonius said

    I like the vector stuff better but the money death skull is pretty sweet.

  6. snickars said

    so tacky yet so, so stylish, go metal! 😀
    seriously i like it, only thing that’s missing is the spandex pants with leopard spots!

  7. The top two are bad ass!

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