Skateboard Custom

November 22, 2007


Today I was working on the above illustration… just needed to do a skull up, and play with some new techniques i’ve been thinking about, and while doing it, i realized, i dropped the ball on getting over some art to the Foundation One Gallery. They are going to be holding a auction to sell off designer boards to help fund a skatepark in Georgia I believe.

Well, anyway, in a rush, I started with a couple illustrator ideas, then decided on a direction because my last one look like crap (the first one i started with, and eventually forgot about). I made a mad dash to Home Depot to pick up some things, came back, sprayed the board silver, and started cutting out pieces from the illustration. Still needs a few levels of clear coat, and a few extra things added, but so far, looks decent.

once done, I am going to redo the process on another board and see if i can get a better result, so I’ll have a extra one up for grabs.


11 Responses to “Skateboard Custom”

  1. Steve said

    Yo Josh, Illustrations are definitely dope but I’m not feeling the gold color board I think if you used black instead it would stand out more but if you have an extra board up for grabs I would definitely take it. Dope work….

  2. Andres Yourself said

    you sir….are a Beast! Despite it being Thanksgiving and all, you still bring out your A-game. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

    and thanks for sharing the neue works.

  3. Matt Q said

    How the crap did you do this application man??? Really rad!

    Happy Shanksgiving.

  4. hydro74 said

    Actually, the board is silver, just the lighting in my room was pretty bad. Once i drop in the new things i want on it, i’m going to clean it up with some touch ups and do a really thick clear coat. probably spray it down 4-6 times, depending on how it looks

  5. Adam said

    Bro yet again you astound me!

  6. manifester said

    Man, that evil skull kills and must be at my office!..on a sticker!…are you goin’ to sell it this next Hollydays? Please let me know!
    I’ve been working with sparypaint.
    Yesterday I get a big headache because I spent 3 non-stopin-hours painting a few Illustrations for a local gallery.

  7. sir jorge said

    skulls! This is another classic.

  8. Erock said

    Looks Good man! Really digging the skull! can’t wait to see it clear coated! What type of clear are you using?

  9. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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