Digital Arts Vector V.2

November 23, 2007


Here is the vector set for the next issue of Digital Arts. There is another tutorial that they want me to do. I have no clue on what I should do it on, because, well, vector illustration and design isn’t overly complicated. If you have any suggestions, I’ll gladly throw it over to them and see what they think.

Also, since for some reason a lot of people have been hot-linking directly to the files before, if you would like the first set I did, drop me a email. I’ll send it over to you because i know a lot of you don’t have access to the magazine.


55 Responses to “Digital Arts Vector V.2”

  1. manifester said

    Im writing the e-mail

  2. carlos. said

    send you and e-mail.

  3. Brian said

    If its free, its me!
    Send them over , Thanks!

  4. Tyler said

    I’m with Brian, if its free, then me too.


  5. luis said

    sweet….send them! thanks!

  6. brennan said

    e-mail sent. Thanks Hydro!!

  7. Awesome Work!! Mail Sent Thanks..

  8. art176 said

    send send!
    thanks man!!!!

  9. Breno said

    email’s there. thanks a lot

  10. Jasper said

    I’d really like those as well. Thanks!

  11. Here’s my email. Thanks.

  12. Brian said

    Do some sort of “Type” tutorial

  13. Breno said

    yeah a typography tutorial would be very cool
    Im with brian

  14. Stew said

    i have to agree, a type tutorial would be VERY useful, maybe do your logo or something like that. a type treatment….

  15. geesucks said

    please send me a vector !

  16. overdrive said

    please send me some cool stuff ! thanks !!

  17. Jan said

    I think its hard for a written tutorial, but I´d really like to see in detail how you work. I mean all the small procedures. For example how do you correct lines, do you zoom in, how long do you need till one line is perfect, how do you shades…and so on. Well, hard to describe what I mean. But I think it can only be done in a very close up video-tutorial which maybe reveals too much of your skills. Anyway, I´m quite sure this all wouldnt look as half as hard as it is cause you are dooing this for too long now. And if stuff like this shoes takes you something like hours it would take days to try it yourself.

  18. guy said

    Very interested in the vector pieces! Thanks,

    And type treatments a good one, or shading techniques!

  19. Chris said

    I’m up for some quality vector! Please send!

  20. Jamie Treyvaud said

    Just sent you the e-mail Josh!

  21. kazuki said

    e-mail sent. Thanks Hydro74.

  22. O5CK4R said

    I like the vector pieces….thanks

    a tyoe treatment tutorial would be a killer one.

  23. Rina said

    Oh snap. yea these could be cool. 🙂 i’d love a link por favor

  24. cal said

    pls send me some cool vector !! thanks !

  25. shanesart said

    Yeah H74, it would be great to see how you come up with your type treatments!. You know, like from concept to completion. Perhaps on how you make varied line weights. Is it buy creating your own shapes and adjusting all of the bezels or do you make custom brushes and apply them to individual lines?

    Anyway, these are just a few of the things I’ve always wondered. Good luck with the next tutorial. – S

  26. Jack said

    Hello Hydro74,
    I’m a big fan of your impressing styles and like to receive an email as well.

    Thanks & keep it up!

    Greetings from Europe,

  27. Lasse Jensen said

    Please send me your yummy vectors too!

  28. jesus said


  29. Packy said

    pleazzz, so interested of your vector graphics.
    thanks hydro!

  30. Steve said

    Yo I’ll get in the action too. Hook it up. Thanks

  31. dahool said

    Hi Hydro.. i really like ur style of work..
    i would love to see some tutorials on how u start how u work and what tools u use and how u get ur cool look all together..

    and i would love to get ur free vectors as well.
    thanks in advance… greets from germany

  32. Chadlonius said

    Please send! Id appreciate any insight you offer.

  33. EzyLee said

    Sign me up for life!

  34. David said

    I’d love the first set!

  35. Sho said

    yeah, i only get a hold of an Issue once in a while 😦

    I´d love to see your Steps and Work-in-Progress on an Type-Treatment – that would be Great!

    Cheers from Snowy Bavaria!

  36. anomoli said

    Hey can you e mail one or both sets? thanks.

  37. Mike said

    Yes! Please 🙂 yesplease!
    Any insight would be really really appreciated!

  38. Kyle said

    As always, I really enjoy your work. Could I get those vectors, too! Thanks in advance!

  39. joeROOSTER said

    thank you!

  40. Andres Yourself said

    yes indeed! hook a brother up with that vector set!

    thank you sir.

  41. Robin said

    You don’t like me very much do you 🙂

  42. Roxo said

    Hey, Can you send me over that set! Thanks!

  43. jonathan said

    hey josh,

    I’d love it if you dropped me a line with the files.


  44. Spread the love over here as well. Thanks josh!

  45. mrchek said

    Hi Hydro. Please, send to me too )))

  46. manuel said

    Hey,is it to late to get those vector sets… if not can you please send them over thanks hydro

  47. Cedric said

    Hey mate, love your style! Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.
    Vectors would be nice too 🙂

  48. Alice said

    i reckon you could show people how to do a type treatment that u’ve made??? hope ur cool – ur awesome by the way!! xxx

  49. Jenzzz said

    Please send Vectors to Germany. 😉
    You rule!

  50. js said

    I’d love to have a copy, is the offer still available?

    thanks in advance

  51. CHAINSAW said

    I would love to see some of your pen tool skills and bow hunting skills.

  52. lafucktoriadelpez said

    hey !!

  53. Derek said

    Bought both books awesome stuff once again. I’d like to see a type tutorial. Also a blurb on where you hunt down the great old art you use. Whats your process where do you look ect…

    Hook me up with the vector set your awesome! THanks

  54. angryblue said

    this skeleton would be a lot cooler than kaws’ as one of those paper cutouts with the rivets in the joints.

  55. Manny said

    I would love to get this can you send it to me

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