Let’s get connected…

November 29, 2007

I quite haven’t fully figured out Linked In yet, however it is becoming a pretty interesting site.

So if you are there, let’s connect
Hydro @ Linked In


12 Responses to “Let’s get connected…”

  1. i had a friend invite me to that earlier this week… i’ll get singed up and connect with you.


  2. shanesart said

    I sent you an invite. I’ve had an account for about a year. It never hurts to network. You never know who’s lookin’. – S

  3. Chadlonius said

    I had a friend send me a invite on there about a year ago. heres another one if anyone is curious.

    It just started up and is gaining some momentum.

  4. I’ve been on LI for a while, but I haven’t put the effort into utilizing it properly. It’s… well, it seems like a lot of busy work for yet another social networking site. Though, at least LI seems to be business oriented.

  5. Erock said

    Looks like I need to sign up!! It’s all about networking!

  6. portugepunk said

    done and done.
    are you on behance creative network, by chance?

  7. manifester said

    I actutaly have a mexican network account…but I guess I’ll have a Linked In soon.

  8. Chadlonius said

    Thanks for the linkd in, I now have 2 connections whoo hoo!

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