Type Records

November 29, 2007


Type Records

It’s very rare for me to really fall in love with a record label because I’m very selective about the various things I listen to during the day. However one label that I found quite some time ago was amazing. It was only recently that I was thinking about one of their artist and remembered they had this section on their site called ‘Radio‘, which were mp3 downloads of a hour or more set of beautiful classical, electronic, jazz and various other styles. So I visited again, and pretty much fell in love again with Type Records.

The music here isn’t your rock, punk, techno, top 40, emo etc.. It’s just a great mix of various artist with a very classical feel, almost like public radio, but a much grander selection. As you are working, start with one of the free Mp3 sets. I suggest Svarte Greiner : Under the Leaves. It ranges from Arvo Part to Aphex Twin.

As far as Artist, I would check out Khonnor.
Hope this helps and I hope you take time to listen. This music is one of the many fuels for the mouse clicking hand 🙂


6 Responses to “Type Records”

  1. I’m always looking for more eclectic work music, so that’s cool to find.

  2. Chadlonius said

    Music is a major factor in my art and life. It is a source of inspiration as well as motivation. Thanks for the resources, I will check them out.

  3. manifester said

    ok I’ll link it.
    Right now Im listening to Monochromatic.

  4. MBKKR said

    Maybe you should check this as well.
    Beautiful (MP3) mixes. It’s a mixture of ambient, classical… really relaxing. Great stuff to work to. Could be to slow for you, it’s worth a check.

    Really like youre work by the way.

  5. Stew said


    you should really try this one out. it’s pretty cool, then again, you probably already know about it.

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