Well, even tho they haven’t sent me any boards, or anything for that matter, I was able to find out all the work i did for Plan B Skateboards is out in print form. Sweeet!


Yasly | Shirt of the month

November 12, 2007


Yasly is gearing up for something nice to sell for the Christmas Season. Two crazy shirts are his first in a collection that will be growing. Yasly (Danny Jones) is known in the market for his work for Exact Science, Bean Dip, Famous Stars and Straps & countless others. I’m guessing these will go fast, so if you or someone you know is all about the fresh style that Danny offers, then this will be a great gift.

Shirt of the Month!


November 5, 2007


Seems like the end of the year should be a lighter than the middle, however things are still going strong. Just wrapped up a few different pieces for various clients and still have a lot more to do. So my posts might be minimal this week since i need to get a few things sorted before their deadline.


The first main release, which will be quarterly, is going to be in production. Legacy of Defeat, Apparel & the Designer Vol.1 has locked in the designers for the first issue. Quite a few are good friends of mine, however it’s nice to see they will have time to be involved. So by mid November, the book should be finalized and ready for public abuse!

I am seeking designers for Vol.2 which will be figured out right after the new year.

Dunny V.2

November 1, 2007


Basically, as I said before, These are not for upcoming dunny releases, just mocks for a client so they can pitch one of their future vendors on getting involved on their projects. These will probably never be printed unless some unlikely event that the true vendor of the Dunnies wanted them. Doubt it tho. I did however want to mock these up in a more ‘hydro-ish’ style to see what could work and to fill space a little bit more evenly. This was quite fun to do.