December 12, 2007


WELL… the office is finally coming in shape. Still a little work to do eventually. you can view a few others at my flickr if you want.

As far as work, it’s busy as normal. I have projects for Hasbro, DCMA, Suhr Guitars, Dragon, Ezekiel, Sony, GQ, Nike and a few others that need to be done before the middle of next week. I’m also in the planning mode for Agenda, ASR and hopefully hitting SIA over in Vegas (it’s the snowboarding trade show) at the end of January. I’m also going to be at Surf Expo over in Orlando at the beginning of January. So this next month is going to be filled with travels. However it will be quite fun since I am planning a few major things for Hydro74 this next year to step up my game.

But yeah, if you are going to be at any of the shows, hit me up. I believe I’ll be kicking it with Chris from Dragon, and Adrian from Revolt Marketing when I attend.


Some Random Photos

December 7, 2007


I was playing around with a new lens & lighting. It was quite fun. Also, the red is actual color of the office, it’s not a bright red by the way:)

if you want, i have high rez on the Flickr Account if you want grab them.

New House

December 6, 2007


Some of you may or may not of known, but this past week, in the middle of dealing with a few projects, we finally closed on our house. We were having it built outside of Orlando. So this weekend and this week, between running to Home Depot more times that I can remember, I’ve been trying to get my office set up so i am ready for this next weeks list of projects.

Still a lot of work to be done and still a lot i want to do with the office, as well as the rest of the house.

You can view a few more over at my Flickr account.

Print Magazine

December 6, 2007


Well, it was quite shocking believe it or not. I got a random email from a friend telling me that someone placed a blurb about me in Print Magazine, and of course, I had to go see for myself.

Pg 298, under the ‘OBSESSIONS_’ section:
HydroSeventyFour makes some of the hottest typographic constructions around. Click through the site, but pay special attention to the “type treatments” section’

-Patricking and Su

So ..thank you. Very flattered they even noticed.