Some Random Photos

December 7, 2007


I was playing around with a new lens & lighting. It was quite fun. Also, the red is actual color of the office, it’s not a bright red by the way:)

if you want, i have high rez on the Flickr Account if you want grab them.


15 Responses to “Some Random Photos”

  1. That is some sweet depth of field… what’s the lens?

  2. Lee said

    Jago Camobot! Awesome!!

  3. snickars said

    It’s nice to have that kinda stuff around when working. I have too little figures cluttering my workdesk, both at home and at work. Thing is the nice ones are a little too expensive around here.

  4. downpour said

    ahah the napolion dynamite toy i s really cool haha!!


    nice color for your office

  5. shanesart said

    You definItely have a lot of inspiration to draw from! – S

  6. MQ said

    Congrats man! I know it’s been long in the making. Nice office color too… seems a bit more spacious than the old one, at least from the flix.

  7. I’m lovin all the little firgures. Congrats on everything!!!!!

  8. Nice Job Bro!!
    I love the 6th picture, is kinda Mysterious!
    Thx for sharing.

  9. Rina said

    oh snap… i wonder where you got that miami guy… the red demon…. *gasp*



  10. stew said

    Those are some awesome photos man!
    I love the Jesus saves stuff.
    thats awesome.

  11. Brian said

    Jesus is cool man,. Hes a saver, yo.

  12. Chadlonius said

    LOL, I like the Napoleon Dynamite figurine myself.

  13. Wow. Depth of field is right. That’s amazing since you were obviously so close to the subjects.
    What camera and lens are you using?

  14. angryblue said

    i love seeing other people’s workspaces.

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