December 12, 2007


WELL… the office is finally coming in shape. Still a little work to do eventually. you can view a few others at my flickr if you want.

As far as work, it’s busy as normal. I have projects for Hasbro, DCMA, Suhr Guitars, Dragon, Ezekiel, Sony, GQ, Nike and a few others that need to be done before the middle of next week. I’m also in the planning mode for Agenda, ASR and hopefully hitting SIA over in Vegas (it’s the snowboarding trade show) at the end of January. I’m also going to be at Surf Expo over in Orlando at the beginning of January. So this next month is going to be filled with travels. However it will be quite fun since I am planning a few major things for Hydro74 this next year to step up my game.

But yeah, if you are going to be at any of the shows, hit me up. I believe I’ll be kicking it with Chris from Dragon, and Adrian from Revolt Marketing when I attend.


16 Responses to “OFFICE UPDATE”

  1. shanesart said

    Lookin’ good! The dark red walls really look nice with all of your art hangin’ on em. I can’t wait to have a room totally dedicated to office space. Peace -S

  2. you need some surround sound in there!

  3. PT said

    Nice space dude.
    Want to lend me a snowboard? Jeez! Haha!
    I agree with Shanesart, the canvases look awesome.

    Peace. PT

  4. snickars said

    i feel envious, man it looks sweet. like shane said, i too can’t wait to have some office space, have to get a bigger apartment though. Really like how the wardrobe transformed into an excellent library! keep it up!

  5. Riki said

    look as interesting Thanx for look

  6. Smooth said

    Good space for good works!!

  7. Brian said

    I might be at ASR. I’m trying to make plans now. Looking forward to a couple of pints in the Gaslight District.

  8. stew said

    your office is amazing.
    i don’t know what your going to do to step up your game, since it’s already like tops!

  9. MQ said

    Really rad workin’ space dude. And sounds like you’ve got one hell of a start to 2008! RAWK!

  10. Looks really nice! I did the same with my closet doors…take them off and free up some space! I like the custom bookcases…I put 2 I already had inside mine, but might change that after I’ve seen what you did. As it is now…there’s wasted space in the closet, so making them ‘fit’ tight works better.

    I need to get some art on my walls…they are bare right now…but I’ve got ideas…

  11. manifester said

    yeah man…I have my office at my house too!
    but i need some posters in order to pimp up my walls!

  12. hellocolor said

    Looking great man. Loving red walls ;]
    How’s it going btw?
    Happy Hollidays anyway 🙂

  13. yopyop said

    I really enjoy my visit on your blog. I luuuve your work!

  14. one of those snowboards need posting to me.. i am sure you don’t need ALL of them!!!

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