John Edwards ’08

January 7, 2008


Well, it is that time of year when we need to start making some serious choices on who will be the best possible solution to lead our nation in November. Everything starts now with Iowa choosing Obama and Hucklebee as their first choices. Each person running has their good and bad side and with the ill fated choices that the Bush administration did in it’s last 8 years, only a few of the Republican canadates seem like good choices, while others seem like they will just add to the horrid legacy of Bush. Granted, I don’t want to slam Bush for his choices, because I can’t fully agree that all the choices made since he has been president are soley his. Both Republicans and Democrats have their fair share of the blaim for all the events that went forward. However it is time, at least for me to be involved and choose who I feel would be a good leader. As of right now, I am strongly pulling for John Edwards, with Obama coming in a close second. I do admire Ron Paul and believe it or not, I feel Hucklebee is a strong choice as well. Not because of his religious beliefs because I could care less on ones faith choices, but like he said in a interview (and i’m paraphrasing), ‘it doesn’t matter what one’s beliefs are, it’s just that they hold true to those beliefs’, i.e. christian, catholic (same damn thing honestly), mormon, athiest, etc. He also has a successful legacy of sorts where he use to govern and I respect that.

John Edwards and his views really speak to me. I feel his bold stance on how the middle class is vanishing and that government is ran by corporations has a effect on life in general. Health Care, Global Warming, this war in Iraq and now hints of something with Iran are important and I do appreciate his stance. So I give him my support. I think Obama is a close second because he does offer a sense of hope, however his politcal life isn’t as long lived. As far as Hillary… After seeing SICKO, which is a movie by Michael Moore, the one thing that caught my attention, and i also looked online was the fact that she did push for socialized health care reform, but due to pressures of the lobbiest, she backed away and didn’t fight to keep pushing it. Will she be the same as a president.. Will she back down with things get too tense? With that said, i have limited faith that she will be able to be a strong president.

The Republicans have a few decent canadates, however i will admit, my loyality is with the Democrats this time. Normally i like to view myself as a independent, willing to consider each side, but i can’t this time around. As much as i admire Hucklebee & Ron Paul for their stances, i can’t allow myself to be involved in the Republican Party.

You may or may not disagree with me, but at least I’m getting involved and making a choice. The only thing I ask is that this season as we watch the chess match of politcal crap go down, don’t allow yourself to be effected by negitive ads, or tricks the media plays. Both parties always tries to find dirt on the other side, and the media eats it up. Make a choice now as far as who you support and read about it & research it a bit. Be bold and let this year be the year that we choose someone because we truely believe in them, rather than someone we should believe in because the popluar majory says we should.

Essey over –

Now as far as this new year. A lot of design stuff planned. I should be fully going here shortly and will be posting some exciting things.


14 Responses to “John Edwards ’08”

  1. jeff said

    though i dont like Edwards…i dig the design. you should make up a bunch of different ones like that. good to see you being active and challenging others in the process above.
    hope your new year is starting blessed.


  2. Rina said

    *Disclaimer* I’m not even sure who I’m PRO or AGAINST right now, but…
    I usually talk politics for about 10 minutes maximum. That’s about how long it takes for things to get heated. HA.

    Re: Hilary…
    I just think it’s naive to think she just “gave up.”

    I mean… You may be right – maybe she just backed down about that whole health care thing. she could be a douche, or maybe not… maybe she was forced to back down. Who really knows…?

  3. bob jenkins said

    Who is John Cowards?

  4. josh said

    i’d vote for edwards if it was on words alone. the guy has really been winning me over. it would just be easier to believe that he cared about the average man if he was getting $400 hair cuts and didn’t just start talking about the middle class about 8 months ago.

  5. hydro74 said

    The media had a lot to play into the $400 dollar haircut. Consider that most others trying to get elected have personal hair dressers, make up artist, etc for each time they go out. That has to cost just as much if not more. Would we hate him if he bought a iphone or palm because he was trying to do things for the poor. I doubt it. Actually, he’s been actively involved in the middle class stuff since pre presidential race. He started a thing called One Corps which is a community driven site that tries to get people together to do local food drives, donations, assisting lower income families, etc.

    So I think I could forgive the 400 dollar hair cut, besides, he came from a lower class family himself, and he’s proven to be a good leader in his own career pre – politics.. He’s earned it 🙂

  6. hydro74 said

    Rina. I agree, but i’m not sure i would want a political leader who is about something to automatically back down. The reasons are obvious that it was lobbiest pressures as well as a way to push Bill in for 4 more years. However she could of came back shortly after the rest period of the election… Presidential wifes have more power these days. Nancy Reagan was a great example.

  7. tracksix said

    If you didn’t feel discouraged after watching Sicko, you should take the two hours to watch “Zeitgeist – the movie” if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Shit might be completely accurate, a great conspiracy theory strung together loosely or a total over-ambitious farce, but it compelled me to learn more, which I think is the most important part. I think you can watch the whole thing online right there at that website.

  8. shanesart said

    Election time scares me. The first time I ever voted was the last Presidential election and I voted for the other guy and look how that turned out! I was bummed:(

    Anyway, nice type treatment. I like the version on your homepage as well. It’s good to see ya back in action and posting again. Hope ya had good holidays, Peace – S

  9. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAs of right now, I am strongly pulling for John Edwards, with Obama coming in a close second. However I do admire Ron Paul and believe it or not, I feel Hucklebee is a strong choice as well. Not because of his religious beliefs because … […]

  10. Matt Q said

    Politicians and the media do no good for our society, but society has bred itself this way. I’ve been reading a lot of Asimov lately and his Foundation trilogy has come into a fascinating parallel with our own time.

    Though you can probably relate the ideas he poses to anything, it still amazes me as to why works of great fiction aren’t used in our early education as much as “biased” history books are. The bias always lies with the people writing the books, so that is kind of a moot point.

    To finish the rant, I have been following the candidates loosely and I think it’s still some of the hardest decisions facing us today.

    …i don’t know who the eff I’m voting for.


  11. chadlonius said

    Excellent type work.
    I was very numb to the idea of politics in general because it seemed to me that no matter who we elect, things stay the same or got worse. In my opinion and observation all the current candidates/politicians represent a change in management style and no real change for the future of America just like all the politicians before them for the last 40 years. Ron Paul represents real change for me. The man is a poster boy for integrity and honor. His record in Congress is impeccable with no flip flopping and his ideas are sound if you do the research.

    Thats my 2 cents, Thanks for the forum Joshua, I’m sure it will be one of the most, if not the most, commented post yet.

  12. Aaron said

    Being a Christian is NOT the same as being Catholic.

    Being a Christian is simply the belief in salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Being Catholic means working for your salvation through man’s doctrine.

  13. John said


    Thank you for having an opinion, and thank you for doing something about it. You’ve already done more than the vast majority of Americans today.

    I don’t know anything about Ron Edwards, or Ron Paul, I have been Republican bent since I started voting (for Reagan’s second term) Granted, we all have faults, but historically, fiscally conservative leaders have been, at least as a matter of voice, proponents of smaller government and lower taxes, concepts that have direct benefit on all classes—upper, lower, and middle. Socialized medicine, while a great concept, is a financial and governmental nightmare. I lived in Europe for three years, and saw 54% self-employment tax to cover all of the social “benefits”.

    Bigger and bigger corporations are not the answer either. While I do not want to enact limitations on earnings, something should be done. Robin-hood style take-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor almost never works, it enables the already non-working and strengthens an “entitlement-expecting” lower-class. Example, post-Katrina New Orleans. Those making the most money in society are the ones fueling growth, and taking the most risks. Take a look at “Atlas Shrugs” sometime. While I disagree with the purely humanistic diatribe, the theme of the book has merit. Tax those that are creating the jobs, to the point of extinction, and you create chaos under the guise of “helping the less fortunate”.

    I, being republican bent, have been watching Mr. Huckabee. My first considerations for choosing a leader are finding a candidate whose moral underpinning is closest to mine. He also appears comfortable in front of people and cameras, and has experience in decision-making. We’ll see how it all pans out, and I promise to take a look at Mr. Edwards and Mr. Paul.

    Well, I’ve spoken enough for now. I appreciate your use of the word “sincerely.” I believe you are sincere; you have thought carefully about your choices and have taken action based on that reflection. Not glib, not off-the-cuff, but sincerely. Thank you.

    I have family in Cocoa, so I am in central Florida from time-to-time. I may look you up one of these days and take up your offer of a cup of coffee and good conversation. Maybe even about illustration and design!

    With kindest regards,

    John Foster
    Graphic Artist
    Wichita, Kansas

  14. David said


    More Americans need to be like you. We all need to keep an open mind to other people’s views, whether they be liberal or conservative, and make a choice based on what YOU believe. We shouldn’t make a decision on a candidate with such haste based on what party he or she associates themselves with. One thing that will make us a stronger America is to stop bashing each other’s views so much, because it really does tear our nation in two.

    I still have not put my heart in one candidate or party yet, both of them have things that I like and dislike. Ideally, I would like to vote for Ron Paul; however, I don’t think he has any chance in winning the Republican candidacy. Huckabee seems to be an extremely sincere man who will make choices based on what he truly thinks is right, and I like a lot of his social views. From the Democratic party, I really like Obama. I think he would be an extremely strong candidate. However, I do not agree with many of his social views.

    2008 will be my first time that I am eligible to vote, I’m stoked to finally contribute.

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