ASR, SIA, Agenda & Surf Expo

January 11, 2008

The beginning of a busy month is already at hand. This Friday and Sat i’ll be over at Surf Expo, mostly for the free Monster Drinks and kicking with Troy White. Then at the end of the month, I’ll be in San Diego for ASR & AGENDA. Then a few days later driving over to Vegas for SIA. Some great parties are already lined up for Dragon & Spyder (i believe…make sure i’m on the list Hyp!!!).

So with that said, if you are going to be at any of these, hit me up. Drop me a email or text (321.578.2146).
As far as work, Troy & I just wrapped up some really nice pieces for Burton Snowboards, Etnies, & Dragon. My site is getting close to launching, still need to tweak out a few more portfolio pieces… If you want a sneak peak and give me some advice.. check it out here.


15 Responses to “ASR, SIA, Agenda & Surf Expo”

  1. PT said

    New site looks wicked, awesome feel. Crud it’s time for me to sleep.. eyes are fffffff-riggen killing me!

  2. John said

    Year of the Rat? Funny. Looking good so far…

  3. MQ said

    Looking good man. For those who aren’t on a wide screen or 1280×1024 set up it’s kind of aggitating to scroll, but other than that it’s good man. nice color and I really like the set up.

  4. stew said

    Love the new site dude, it’s nice.
    I like the new set up, i like seeing the design on the t-shirt.
    i think that’s awesome.

  5. chadlonius said

    Look forward to the new look and designs.

  6. downpour said

    so damn great!! looks amazing

  7. Liking the new site design, awesome!

  8. shanesart said

    Sites lookin’ good. Definitely screams HYDRO! The new “Apparel” section is a nice change. Can’t wait to see it completed. – S

  9. brandon said

    ill be at sia probably hollar at ya

  10. Lonnie Bahonnis said


  11. I like the new site. However, I really liked the simplicity and continuity of the old site.

  12. …of the old site too.

  13. techvector said

    Cant make it this time around bro, Aug/Sept I’ll bow out and see if I cant nab me a pesky hydro74 to mount on my wall though!

  14. LincolnBeard said

    Ill be at magic, are you gonna make your way out there this year ?

  15. manifester said

    yeah dude it looks nice…always amazing!
    I’ve updated my site too!
    Please check it out!

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