ASR, SIA & Agenda

February 1, 2008

After 7 days out, it is finally nice to be back at my computer and to be able to sift through things.  ASR, Agenda & SIA were really fun and got to meet with some major players in the industry.   
I flew into San Diego Thursday and didn’t end up getting over to my hotel till 2 am.  Which by my time here in Orlando is 5 am. Ended up just crashing.  The next day on my way over to ASR I ran into Bill Danforth from Nomad.  I use to work with him back in the day, so we did a quick catch up.  Shortly after, Chris from Dragon met me outside and we started to head into the show, when were stopped by some Vendors there.  One of the owner of Gravis, thus we exchanged cards and gave him some hydro books.  Shortly after that meeting, I noticed Sullen had a display case with this massive foam script that I did up for them, as well as a few shirts that had some scripts on them I did up a while back.  That was exciting, and looked very nice.  Within a hour of meeting with Dragon & Chris, I ran into Maxx242 & Acorn and talked for a while.  I loved the fact so many designers were there, almost a reunion of sorts.  Later on that day I had a early dinner with the Creative Directors at Etnies (Morton) and Emerica (Thompson).  I’ve known Morton for quite a quite a while, actually since the first of my career in the action sports industry.  After dinner I headed back and ran into Maxx again as well as Scott from Dragon.  Scott hooked me up with a pair of Abel Shoes from Osiris, then a moment later, I ran into Abel.  Maxx hooked me up with a pair of his new shoes that are coming out, then got me invited to the Osiris Family Dinner, which included peeps from Tribal, Black Fly’s, Wuv from POD, Maxx, Abel, etc..  It was nutty.    After dinner, Maxx and I went out and talked for a bit, then headed back to the hotel.  Then Adrian & I hit a couple clubs and got drunk. The next day was not as crazy.  Just meet up with a few friends, had some amazing chicken tacos, and went out that night with Adrian (Revolt Marketing)
Adrian &  I had some downtime Sunday and Monday before heading over to Vegas for SIA.  We ended up going to Carlsbad and getting a room right next to the ocean.  Just relaxed that day and hooked up with Chris (Dragon) later that night for some Tacos and Beer.  Monday Adrian & I checked out and headed over the Dragon offices to see what was going on.  After that, we drove back down to San Diego and meet up with Brisk & Bobby from Tribal.  That was fun, because they were hooking me up left and right with skateboards, hoodies, prints, etc.  Besides, I was able to get a nice collection of Munk One’s, Maxx’s, and Abel’s work that they did.  Super big fans.  After that, we drove up to Burton, had a short visit then headed over to Sullen.  Talked to Ryan for a while and talked about some ideas.  Then … my dream for the whole trip came true… ate at Wahoos.  Love that place.  After a canceled plan, we headed over to Vegas.
This show was a lot of fun.  It was a reunion of sorts with some older clients I haven’t had a chance to meet in person, as well as making a few relationships.  We hooked up again with Dragon, then hooked up with K2, Nitro, Ride & Rossignol.  That night, Dragon threw this massive party at a strip club, and lets just say, I don’t remember a damn thing…  it was a riot.  The next day we were blitz’d and just walked the show.  A few people i knew were around, but didn’t get a chance to hook up, also, sorry Tom (Nike) for missing you…  After that, we gambled way too much, ate too much mexican food and over did my shot limit for the year.  It was a blast, however nice to be home.  I’ll post some pictures on my fliker account once I go over them. 


3 Responses to “ASR, SIA & Agenda”

  1. manifester said

    wow man…that trips sounds greate.
    so, did you hooked up a project with all those guys?…man..thats awesome!


  2. shanesart said

    Damn, Bro! You’ve been busy as hell. Sounds like an awesome trip. IWish I had all those contacts. Good to have ya back – S

  3. John said

    Sounds like you had a monster-cool time. Thanks for the update. Nice front page, sorry about Mr. Edwards.


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