Hydro Diet

February 7, 2008

superfoods.jpg Well, I’m starting this detox diet because after my trip to San Diego and Vegas, I ate so much crap and ended up getting sick after the trip.  So last night I went over to Whole Foods and got a container of Green Super Food & Fit Smart Shake.  My goal is to hydrate a lot during the day, with a couple of liters of water between breakfast, lunch and between dinner and bed. For dinner I will have a normal meal, and maybe get a few more veggies in.  I heard good things about the Green Super Food stuff with various grass and algae, and figured I’ll go nuts with it for two weeks.  The only draw back is that it doesn’t taste that amazing, but it’s not bad either, and I noticed some cravings today for junk food in the process.  So each time I get those cravings, I just drink 32oz of water.   Besides, after seeing some recent photos after the trade show, it was evident that I spend little time on diet and focus on mouse clicking.   So let’s go Hydro Lite!   ————-On a different point, some great projects are coming in for the Month of Feb with Burton, a NYC agency, some shirts for a massive company and some logo development.  Will be scheduling some really detailed illustration work for Tribal & Nike once budgets are approved.   


7 Responses to “Hydro Diet”

  1. shanesart said

    Good luck with the Hydro Lite diet plan! I feel the same way. I was already planning to go through my cupboards and throw out all of the junk. I started doing the same thing with water about a week ago and it definitely seems to be helping. Skin feels better as well.

    Anyway, good luck again. Let me know if ya need any assistance on those future projects. Peace – S

  2. Chadlonius said

    Drink a lot of ice water with ice in it, you will start to crave it after awhile and as much fiber as you are about to take in, you might as well move your office in the bathroom for a few days so you can get some work done. 🙂

  3. magnus said

    Go Hydro Go! It’s good that you drink that much water at a time instead of drinking small squirts all the time cus that might end up in blatter problems. I’ve started buying products with fiber and as much beans as possible, it’s hard even for us vegetarians cus there’s too many veggie-junkfood-products in the shelves. You had a dog right? go walk fast in more than 1 hour and your body will start burning fat.

  4. Klim said

    Let me know how that diet works out
    i saw some of the pics on your Flikr and it definitely looks like you ate a lot of crap…

    I need ot get myseldf in shape too, waaaa yo much sittign at the computer and drawing table


  5. magnus said

    Now it’s been a week since you got that super stuff, how’s it going?

  6. techvector said

    haha, nice one Josh.
    I feel you on the road trip diet, that shit sucks and my last trip to LA almost killed me….burger – burger – pizza – toast – candy – burger…….

    Make sure there isn’t any Isolated Soy Protein or “Soy Isolate” in the protein drinks. That shit will fuck you up.
    On a cellular level your body thinks you just ate a ford door handle and sends antibodys to fight off a sickness that dosen’t exist….so therefor fucks you up and knocks down your immune system and all sorts of long term shit.

    Also go for organic whole food vitamins/ shakes if you can… I live off standard process.


  7. 57 Even said

    I feel you bro.. I’ve been jogging on my lunch breaks.. Did you see that chair your boy yasly posted on ourlittleowl? it’d make it had as fuck ti click though.. haha bigs ups. stay good, stay fresh. one love.

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