Fairspot Interview

February 16, 2008

fairspot.jpgJust recently I did a interview with Fairspot.com which was a absolute pleasure.  I’ve been nailed down by some projects for Burton, An NYC Agency and Dragon this week that it was nice to take a small break and talk shop.    One of the nice things however this week was a challenge I’ve placed on myself, which is to define some new directions in my work and not to be so expected in my approach  but to develop some new visual concepts that will help me unite a few different styles.  It’s fun, but on the same token, there are many moments of just sitting and spinning my wheels thinking.  On a side note, I lost over 10 pounds with the diet, hand to break free from it for a couple days and feel normal, however going hard core back into after the weekend. 


13 Responses to “Fairspot Interview”

  1. Hans said

    Love the interview!

  2. Joe Boccia said

    Awesome interview…The Plan B Decks Are Bad Ass!

  3. shanesart said

    Nice Bro! Great interview. Very informative. Way to represent. – S

  4. Great interview… Hope 2008 brings only success…

    Greetings Joshua

  5. PreCoder said

    Best of luck with the diet, losing weight gives you so much more energy! 🙂

  6. 57 Even said

    great interview homie.
    big ups

  7. mmolai said

    Great interview, always nice to get a little more personal with people that are making an influence.
    Loved the answer to
    “What made you want to pursue a career in art and design?”

  8. John said

    Great interview. Great insite into your point of view–which is awesome. Good luck on your diet! Sounds like you’re making progress!!

  9. davidmac! said

    Hey man,

    Nice informative interview.. and good job on the weight loss.

  10. chadlonius said

    I always pictured you with tats. Great interview, very insightful.

  11. I enjoyed reading up on your interview. You are right man, you gotta put in the time and pay your dues. It was really cool to read about your schedule and how much I can relate, haha. Glad to hear you are thinking big and shooting towards creating a type of agency or collective.

  12. I think I might have been one those guys asking you how to get work/clients and all lol. Anyway, good interview and good luck with setting up your agency.

  13. Ivan said

    Great interview 🙂

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