Hydro74 Shirt

February 16, 2008

hydro74_shirt_sm.jpgThis is also in process with some other prints that are getting developed.  There should be a set of 5 total shirts by the time the new Hydro site launches.  Each print will be limited without reprints.  So keep your mouses posted to some newness.


9 Responses to “Hydro74 Shirt”

  1. brian said

    Thats fresh du!
    When is that vector book dropping, from LOD?

  2. rayfrenden said

    I dig the samurai mask in the center!

  3. shanesart said

    Top notch image. Looks like it’s time to get another H74 t-shirt! – S

  4. shanesart said

    Or 5… dammit! Mad respect Bro – S

  5. PreCoder said

    black is such a morbid color?

  6. Nice! Cant wait to get my hands on this.

  7. rawmethodz said

    do want!

    will you have a newsletter to let your fans know when these are out?

  8. chadlonius said

    Sahweet tee! I may have to spring for one.

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