February 29, 2008


Been working on some various patterns today. Trying to get this defined and a better understanding on how they are developed. It’s been a fun little side project.


12 Responses to “Patterns”

  1. klassic82 said

    Some nice patterns there man. They are pretty interesting and fun to play with. Wheres the Indiana love, still waiting for you to do something Indy related for the Hoosiers at heart.


  2. Cameron Braun said

    Love these.

  3. PT said

    Nice, Nice, Nice.

  4. Hydro74 Wallpaper/Gift Wrap/Fabric (for throw pillows)!


  5. Carl Medley said

    Those are sweet. Where do you get the inspiration for the different patterns?

  6. Sickness!
    That is what I am talking about!
    You have grown so much as a designer in the last year.. You never sees to amaze me! Great job! Keeping me on my toes.. love the repeats.. Its a shame you and I are not selling a line to Jay-Z and Scion – like Wu- from Artful Dodger.

  7. damn someone’s been a busy bee…looking good! keep it up!

  8. MQ said

    these are so freakin’ dope man. seriously good work. But yeah, where’s the Indiana love? 😉

  9. Dhanai said

    These are slick..

  10. The colored one seems a little off with the whole set but I love these! Do you do the patterns in photoshop or illustrator? I’m only starting to do them in illustrator but I got it down in photoshop. I’m proud of my pattern work. hehe Check it out:

    A little dated since 2006.

  11. chadlonius said

    Ive been working on patterns as well, although mine look nothing like yours and are motif in style, yours give me ideas I wouldnt have thought of on my own. So, thanks.

  12. Nathan said

    Wow, these are great. Yeah, I’d love to try some myself…you should post a tutorial.

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