March 3, 2008


When I’m in between projects, or just need to take my mind off of something I’m doing for a client, I try to sneak in a personal project here and there to refresh. Mostly just doing mock ups for the fun of it. This was one of those. I have great respect for the Mad L’s so I thought to myself, I wonder what i could do on one. Thus this is it. It’s somewhat like the dunny mocks i did, but still, turned out decent. Alright, feel fired up now, need to rock some deadlines!


7 Responses to “Toy”

  1. wtfunks said

    if u do bust this out.. how much?

  2. MAD said


    Very nice. You ever get the template I sent you?

  3. PT said

    Mmmmmm Skulls..

  4. mabaker said

    sometimes i think, there is something going wrong in your head, HRHRHR, joshua you are GREAT

  5. chadlonius said

    Sickly.I like the grill on the brown skull. Excellent work as always.

  6. erock415 said

    Looking good as always.

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