Hydro Poster

March 5, 2008


Here is another poster that is going to be done up here in March. This print will be two colors and a spot gloss over the top. Super stoked on this one. Only 74 copies will be done up. Basically what I’m trying to explore are some different ideas in the illustrations I’ve been doing. I love detail but on the same token, most of the elements always used have been ornate. Thus wanted to take the approach with some geometric styles and solid shapes to define the piece a little more. Quite fun.


11 Responses to “Hydro Poster”

  1. Awesome.. Nice colour choice too.

    And, is it wrong that I think I appreciate the background the most(?) 🙂


  2. erock415 said

    I want one! The spot gloss should look sweet.

  3. Track 6 said

    Very nice. You still keep the ornate feeling with the super detailed background pattern and there’s that bit of flourish in there that’s very hydro. The geometric stuff is almost like a nice homage to OBEY. I’m also digging the way the flourish around the lower skull looks a bit like hair.

    All in all I’d be stoked to hang this in my office!

  4. That’s really great. Like the geometric styles and the spot gloss will be a great finish.

  5. MQ said

    Holy eff duder. So rad. I might have to break my “no spending till we decide where to move” rule. I want that.

  6. John said

    What will it take to get one? Put my name down, if they’re for sale I will buy one. Absolutely beautiful!

  7. joe boccia said

    really awesome josh! are you gonna have some for sale at the palehorse show? looks sweet and the spot gloss should be really cool!

  8. Jordan said

    Let me know when they’re ready to go! definitely would be down for getting one for the home office.

  9. Damn Joshua that’s hottttttt…

    All the best…

  10. angryblue said

    there was a photo in the antichrist superstar layout where manson is holding a skull at this angle and i loved it. i’d totally put a screenprinted version of this in my art room.

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