Capitol Records & Fat Joe

March 6, 2008


Today was one of those days. All over the map, trying to get projects done, had to run to a meeting, had dinner with family, which is a weekly ritual. However the one part of the day that was most interesting was meeting up with Rick from Capitol Records who was doing a radio station tour with Fat Joe. He has a sub brand (apparel) that he’s working on as well as getting me into the system over at Capitol (fingers crossed), so we talked for a bit, and getting a chance to talk in person. But after the radio bit, I got to talk with Fat Joe for a short while. It was a exciting moment, for which I now have a moment to make Danny Jones a little envious (hell yeah!). You got your cupcakes Mr. Jones, but i got the Joe! (so joken)


6 Responses to “Capitol Records & Fat Joe”

  1. Chris said

    where in the world did you get that usugrow hoodie?

  2. MQ said

    haha, awesome man.

  3. klassic82 said

    Mad cool, congrats man!

  4. chadlonius said

    Still pictured you with tatts. Your the bald guy right? 🙂

    just kiddin.

  5. Uh-oh, Blog battle!

    Thanks for talking dirty to me last night! See you after Boston!

  6. 57 Even said

    hey man bun b rolled through LRG a couple weeks back, I met some running back yesterday.. Ima snap some photos and get my blogger game up like challs

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