Hydro Poster & Shirt (FRIDAY…YEAH)

March 6, 2008

horse_plexi.jpghydro_shirt1.jpg hydro_shirt2.jpg hydro_shirt3.jpg 

I got a email from the printer today stating the two poster prints (horse & demon) will be done as well as the shirts on Thursday, thus will be getting them in Friday or this weekend. Super stoked. This way, since both of the prints i did on plexi-glass will get framed properly. I’m doing a run of 72 shirts, in all sizes up to 2XL. Some are getting shipped off to some clients as well as a few designers. Rumor has it that at the next OFFF, The Ronin will be rep’n the Hydro. Over all, the printing is far better than the last shirts since the eye for detail on their end has been promised. Also on the shirt, i did a inside hit with the logo. By the end of the month, I should have hang tags and woven labels produced for the Hydro74 promo side, which will make the shirt a bit more unique as well as being able to offer it up to a couple vendors I know. So yeah, drop a line if you are interested. I should have my cart up sometime next week, and don’t sweat costs, I’m going to make them affordable!


11 Responses to “Hydro Poster & Shirt (FRIDAY…YEAH)”

  1. Az said

    Definitely grabbing a poster, looking forward to seeing the store next week! And please make shipping to Australia as affordable as possible 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Chris said

    Hopefully you will still have them in a week or so once i have more cash in.

  3. erock415 said

    Nice shirts. Are those printed w/ Discharge Inks?

  4. 2Nickels said

    Definitely want a shirt! Very nice!

  5. MQ said

    Right on! Can’t wait for them duder.

  6. stew said

    i want a shirt!! those are awesome! nice work.

  7. Joe Boccia said

    Looking awesome Josh, Keep it up!

  8. rawmethodz said

    Dropping a line…
    I’d like to reserve a Large!
    will you give us a headstart before you put’em up?

  9. chadlonius said

    Where can I get one?

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